Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Happy Birthday, GiGi

We celebrated my grandma's birthday (she turned 90- so amazing!) by having dinner at my parents' house.  My grandma got to pick the food and she picked cookout food.  It was actually over 40 degrees on the day we celebrated and it was nice to pretend it was summer with some grilled hamburgers and hot dogs.  

Emma and Josh playing with Olivia's toys

Emma (with her "Elsa" style hair)



Me, my sister, my grandma and mom and the kids

Emma and Josh love cake!

My beautiful grandma!

Blowing out her candles

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Baby Reveal #2

The next best thing to have my own kids is my sister having kids, I love my niece Olivia!  In July, I am going to have another niece to love- my sister is expecting another girl.  She had a reveal party for us to let us know the exciting news.  She had a poem to read about her and Paul and during the poem, we had to pass boxes of candy left and right.  When the poem was over, we all opened our boxes and in one, there was a "Its a Girl!" button.  Super cute!

Olivia with Paul's sister, Kristy

The kids playing

Olivia and her other cousin, Grayson

My grandma and Paul

My sister (And yes, she is pregnant- looks amazing!)

Reading the poem and passing boxes

Emma and Josh checking their boxes


...more checking!

Even more checking!

My grandma found a blue candy and thought it was a boy!

Brad (Kristy's husband) found the "Its a girl!"

Olivia with the box

Me and Olivia

My sister, Paul and Olivia


Emma and Josh love playing with play-doh, they absolutely love it.  I get a nervous twitch the entire time because its so messy and they like to mix the colors but then I remind myself "they are just kids" and I stay quiet even when all of the play-doh is getting mixed into one gigantic ball.  I will admit, they do make some pretty cool things with it!

Little Gymnast

We are going to try some activities with the kids to see if they have an interest in any of them. Emma has started gymnastics and Josh will start karate in the next week. I am also signing them both up for t-ball in the summer and will try soccer in the fall. Emma has been to one gymnastics class and she liked it. She was able to do a somersault and is constantly talking about learning to do a cartwheel.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Happy 60th Birthday

My mom turned 60 this month and we took the family out for dinner and then came back to our house for cake.  My sister and I have her a packet of letters and cards from her friends over the years and she really enjoyed that.  Since it was close to Valentine's Day, the kids got a few gifts too!

Opening Valentine's gifts


My mom opening her cards and gifts

My mom with all of her cards

Olivia and my grandma

Even though it was late, Olivia ran...

...and ran!

Getting ready for cake

Of course Olivia stuck her hand in it!

Blowing out candles

Josh loves cake!

Emma loves it, too!

My Birthday

I turned 35 this month (which is officially "Mid 30's) and got to celebrate by being home from work a couple days and then having my family over.  Dan got me a pretty sideways cross necklace and I was happy to spend extra time with Emma and Josh.