Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dear Husband

Its important to preface this post with the following: I love my husband. I really do. He is a fantastic man. Sometimes, however, he drives me nuts.

Example: We got Outback last night for dinner. We picked it up and ate at home. Our meals were so big that we each had a large salad left over. Since Im always trying to get out of making dinner I say to him "Awesome, lets save the salads for tomorrow and eat them for dinner" My husbands response "Great idea"

Fast forward to the morning. He leaves for work before me. I got into the kitchen and open the fridge. One of the salads- Gone. Not to mention it was MY salad (the Caesar salad) At this point, I am moderately irritated but Im ok. Im thinking "I'll show him. Im going to eat the OTHER salad for dinner and he can eat cereal for all I care" That is, until I see IT. What is the IT? Well you know how salads at restaurants come with the dressing in little tubs. Well those tubs were sitting on top of the salads, one which my husband took to work. Instead of moving the tubs, he just yanked his salad out and shut the door. So now, both tubs are completely spilled ALL OVER THE FRIDGE. Like on every condiment. Inside the 12 pack of pop. Down all the cracks and crevices. Oh yeah, he got it good. I spend a good 40 minutes detailing the fridge. And then I had to put in something ELSE for dinner because Im a good wife like that.

I didn't even mention the salad when he got home. He didn't remember it either because he said "Sweet, you made ribs. I didnt know we were having ribs?!" Uh yeah, we weren't but...forget it.

He's mine, ladies. All mine. But I do love him. He just doesn't always make it easy on me!


Nichole1121 said...

Ah Shannon, that is funny! Okay not funny if it happened to me. I would have been soooo mad about the mess! I would say he wasn't listening about the dinner plans but he answered but then I think men have this auto answer but they still don't hear!