Monday, May 26, 2008

"An Inconvenient Truth" and my journey to becoming "Green"

Have you seen "An Inconvenient Truth" which is Al Gore's account of global warming? Yeah, its pretty amazing. I saw it and it inspired me. I have decided that Dan and I are lazy about being more green, we literally do nothing to protect the Earth. And its a shame because alot of the things you can do are easy. So we made a list and here it is:

1. Recycle- Sounds easy, right? We started today and we were able to separate ALL of our garbage into recyclables. It felt good

2. Use canvas bags- I counted 79 plastic bags in one large bag in our pantry. Ya know, you go to the grocery store and come home with all of your stuff in bags and then save them. We had 79. Im recycling the plastic ones and buying all canvas. I have a couple canvas bags but normally only use them to be "cute" at Trader Joes. No more though. We are using canvas

3. Changing all light bulbs to CFL bulbs- More expensive but they have a life 10 times as long as regular bulbs AND they use alot less energy

So those are our first 3. Other ones I would like to consider are switching to organic cleaning supplies and (once we have kids) using cloth diapers.

I know the list is small right now, but its a start. Im open for other suggestions so feel free to offer them up.


Shannon said...

We started going green a little while ago. It feels great helping the environment. Have you thought about having a compost? That way it can cut back on the garbage.
Just remember to keep your cloth bads in your car, I have an awful time remembering to bring them with me :-S
GL Shannon :-)

Lindsey said...

That's a great start Shan. We are big recyclers in Oregon, but I'm always trying to think of ways to be more environmentally conscious. The grocery bags is going to be my next change :)