Monday, May 19, 2008


2 posts in one day. I know, I need a life. But this one actually has some meaning. Actually, spiritual meaning. Yeah, so its important.

Yesterday in church, the message was:

"Prayer should never be your last resort, it should be your first response"

I like this and feel I have a lot to learn from it. I often use prayer as my "last resort" I'd be sitting at my desk, ready to take my MBA final and the prayers would start flowing. Or its two minutes before a presentation and I choose that moment to start asking for God's strength. What if instead of that, Id establish a relationship of prayer. Not just praying when I need something, but praying to be thankful, praying to show God the love, praying to help those around me. But instead, I do what most people do. I pray just when I need help. I dont want to be that person. I want to stop and pray throughout the day and not just always for me. I want to pray for others in a way that is heartfelt and selfless and let God answer those prayers in the way he sees fit.


Stephanie said...

I love this message too. During my pregnancy I was praying all the time, and not always as a 'last resort'. It felt good to do that. Now that I'm in a very different place my prayers are different too. I hope I can work back to where I was just a few short weeks ago.

Kristin (kekis) said...

I found your blog on another blog, and I appreciate you posting the quote from yesterday's message. It's so easy for all of us to pray in times of need, but not when times are good and we have been blessed.

Another quote I heard recently was, "Make sure you pray, and pray believing God will answer." I'll now use both quotes to remind myself how and when I need to pray. Thanks - and sorry for the novel. :)

Lindsey said...

I love this message. I always make an effort to start my prayers with thanks, instead of requests. But I find myself doing the same thing, praying more often when I there is something I need or want. This is a good reminder.

Ro said...

Ugh. Shan you are spot on. I feel the exact same way.

Thanks for the reminder :)


MrsDutchie said...

Thanks for posting this Shannon. I have been struggling with this for a while. Thanks Shannon :-)