Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sperm Analysis Part 1

Today was the day, Dan's SA. Our doctor is nice enough to let him to it in the comfort of our home. Here are some of the highlights:

1. Dan just wasn't overly excited about doing his business in a cup. So I left him in the house and sat in the car, in the garage, with the motor running, as to not disturb him

2. When he was done, he ran the cup out to me, I barely said thanks and then peeled out of the driveway. Why? Because you only have freaking 30 minutes to get the thing to the hospital. Geez!

3. I somehow get behind every slow person on the road. And of course I would, I have a cup of sperm that I have tucked into my waistband to keep it warm

4. I have a HORRIBLE gag reflex. As I am driving, I realize that I have a cup of sperm in under my shirt. It starts making me sick and I gag the rest of the way to the hospital

5. I pull in with 5 minutes to spare and literally have to book it into the hospital, up the stairs and into the lab. I pretty much push someone out of the way because I have a "time sensitive specimen" that needs attention

6. The woman that checks me in says SPERM about 20 times in her convo to me. So much for HIPPA regulations. Everyone in that room knew I brought in a cup of my husbands stuff for analysis.

And now the wait begins. By this time next week, we should have the results. Pray for lots of well shaped, highly mobile swimmers!


hopefaithlove said...

That is too funny about the gagging, that would be me. Also my DH has yet to do his SA, can your Dh talk to my DH to get his butt in gear? Hee Hee

Ro said...

Good luck to you, your DH, and his swimmers! Keep us updated! LOL @ your gag reflex... I would have reacted the same way!


Nichole1121 said...

This post was too funny! From you hiding in the car to a cup of sperm in your waist band and you gagging! I was laughing out loud! I hope Dan's sperm a big and strong!!

osuraj said...

The things we go through while TTC! Good luck with the results!

lovealways6565 said...

Shan I just dies laughing!! Poor thing! The things we do to have children!! :) GL hunnie!! My fingers are crossed!

gringa78 said...

I love this post!! Hahaha!! Wishing you guys the best of luck with the SA. :)

Lindsey said...

Shannon, that was hilarious to read!
I'll be crossing my fingers that everything goes well and the results are good swimmers! :)

Shannon said...

Shannon you are too funny!! Look at what we do to have a baby :-P
I would have had the gag reflex too!

Kristin (kekis) said...

This is my first visit, and I'm so glad I got here. Your post made me LOL - esp at your gag reflex!! Reading your entry made me picture myself in the same situation (though I haven't been there yet).

Hopefully the SA results will give you some answers that will help you move forward & make that baby!

Scullyhoyy said...

LOL Shann you are so funny. It totally would have made me gag too.

Stephanie said...

For some reason SA adventures are always very humorous. I had the cup tucked under my shirt too. It was wierd thinking...eewww I have sperm under my shirt! Glad it is done though and you will find out the results soon.