Monday, May 19, 2008

This stupid month

I have considered myself an "expert" (of course I am using this term loosely) on determining when I am ovulating. Well guess what? I think I screwed up this cycle. Dang it.

Since I am not charting or using OPKs, I had to rely on my CM, my CP and my O pains. Well here is the scoop:

CD 13- EWCM and some O pains. Cervix was SHOW.
CD 14-15- Same symptoms continued and O pains got a bit stronger
CD 16- EWCM and all CM are gone, Cervix is still SHOW but hey, it will change soon, right?
CD 19- Dan I decide to ix-nay the ex-say. We need a break. And hey, I O'd on CD 15-16 so we deserve a rest.
CD 22- still negatory on the sex but I start getting creamy CM. Not EWCM by any means but creamy. This happens sometimes after O. No biggy. But I check my cervix, and its still soft and open. WTF? here is the problem-o, we dont have sex. Im still tired, so is Dan
CD 26- yesterday. I check my cervix and WTF, it is NOW closed and hard.

So I think I O'd later. And If I DID O later, We missed it this month. Son of a monkey. Im so irritated. Who knows. Maybe I didnt miss it. I guess I would know this better if I charted but of course Im so stubborn and wont chart "I need the break, its so relaxing, blah, blah" UGH!

Here becomes the second problem. If I DID O later, do I still test this Saturday which is my LATE day based on my regular O time. Oh good lord, I dont know. To be continued...


hopefaithlove said...

Sorry Shannon I know how frustrating it is...

JLB from the nest (jennifer)

Marijana said...

Sorry hun--I know how frustrating it can be. Fingers crossed for a BFP this month!


Ro said...

I'm sorry, Hon. Don't lose hope!


♥RedRose101307♥ said...

sowwie shan! hey you never know, i'll be crossing my fingers for you!