Friday, May 16, 2008

TTC Info

I have alot of TTC info. Like on my computer, I folders saved and favorites galore of TTC links and articles. Not a few. More like hundreds. For your viewing pleasure, here is some of that info:

1. This is a common one. I post this, oh, about once a day.

HPT Accuracy Results Percentages: (Based on a 25mIU sensitive test)
10 dpo : 35%
11 dpo : 51%
12 dpo : 62%
13 dpo : 68%
14 dpo : 74%
15 dpo : 80%
16 dpo : 88%
17 dpo : 92%

2. This is not so common, but helpful. Not all HPTs work the same, some are more sensitive than others:

3. What drugs are safe while pg (or TTC)? Ask your doctor first but you can always check here:

Those will be my 3 helpful links for the day. There will be more. I know you are excited :)


The Wilson's said...

This is great, thanks! We've been TTC for 7 months (almost hitting month 8), so not too terribly far behind you. Maybe the year anniversary mark will be good luck for you!