Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fathers Day and a Confession

I will start with the important part of my dual post, which is MY DAD. Here he is with my grandpa (at my sister's wedding) and then walking me down the aisle:

My dad means the world to me. He has always worked to give my sister, my mom and me a life that we could be proud of. He has taught me that what you want is worth working hard for. He has showed me that loving your family is all that matters in the end. So Happy Father's Day to my dad, I love him like crazy!

Now confession time. I took a HPT today. I know, I know. I am constantly telling others not to test early but I did. Im 9 DPO. It was negative. But I wanted to be able to tell Dan on Father's Day that he is going to be a daddy. So I guess I had good intentions. Forgive me?! :)


Lopo said...

I tested this cycle too on DPO 9 and're forgiven! ;)

jbwife said...

I will forgive you only b/c I secretly want to do the same thing. I'm trying to convince myself to wait b/c I don't want to see just 1 line. Here's to hoping we'll get our BFP's on Thursday!

Shannon said...

Of course we forgive you! I would have tested but AF came on full force today :-(
Your dad sounds like an amazing father! I'm sure you make him just as proud Shannon.

egreenbe said...

I forgive you, I tested on Saturday, hoping for a happy Sunday. I was 11DPO and got a bfn, cried a little, and tried to put on a happy face.

I really hope that this is your month Shannon!!

gringa78 said...

I'm actually proud of you for testing early!! I'm a total POAS addict, so I'm very supportive of early testers. I'm rooting for you this cycle!!!!!!

Ro said...

Aww :( Sorry for the bfn. But as you know, there's still hope!

*crossing fingers*


Molly said...

Totally forgiven! And good luck! I think you know we're all rooting for you!

hopefaithlove said...

how sweet.

You are allowed to test all you want. Me holding out. did test at 6 DPO and of course there was a line - from the trigger shot. Too scared to test again. Good Luck