Friday, June 13, 2008

Pet Peeve

Dan and I just got home from grocery shopping. We like to go together, its our weird bonding time, but we've always done it. Anyways, while there, I have noted my #1 Pet Peeve- PEOPLE WHO JUST STAND THERE AND DONT HELP BAG THEIR GROCERIES.

We shop at a Giant Eagle, its a normal priced grocery store and close to our house so it works. Well sometimes, they have people that bag your stuff. But times are tough and apparently the baggers are the first ones to go because more often, I have noticed there aren't any. Which isn't a problem for us. If Im with Dan, he bags. If I run into the store to pick something else, I bag. Im physically able to do it plus, Im not lazy.

Case and point- Today, it was busy. It took us forever to shop and even longer to wait in line. In front of us were 5 people; 3 were couples like us, and then one guy and one woman. NONE of them helped bag their groceries. They stood there and watched the kid ring everything up and then continued to watch him bag. Why does this bother ME? Because I have to stand in a long line and watch while some 17 year old kid is trying to fit someone's $200 worth of groceries into bags while someone is telling him "watch my bread" or "can you double bag that"

If I were that kid, I'd tell the person to double bag it themselves! lol


Stephanie said...

I have been going to the grocery store where you bag your groceries yourself, and now when I go to other stores that bag for you I feel like I should help. I guess most of the time they have someone doing it so I never think of it. But next time....I'll jump right in and bag. :)

Stephanie said...

I know what you mean...sometimes I do just stand there when I could be helping. It always feels awkward.

As for the other stuff...I didn't realize there was the hatred going on. :( I'm sorry to hear that. I am not on the boards all that much lately, or I stick mostly to the PL board, so sometimes I'm clueless as to what is going on. (((hugs)))

Molly said...

Ooooh, I feel ya on this one! When I put my groceries on the conveyer belt, I separate them (frozen, refrigerated, boxes, cans, etc.) to make it easier on the sacker. There's not space for me to help sack, but I can put them in my buggy, which I always do.

Some people!

Shannon said...

I know what you mean! I am the same as Molly, I seperate all my items when I'm putting them on, and then I help bag them as well.

hopefaithlove said...

MY pet peeve too... I always bag if no one is there to bag.