Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mini Vaca

We are back from DC and freakin' loved it. So fun. The good parts:

1. We got to see everything we wanted except Archives and Georgetown. Just not enough time in our 4 day trip
2. DC is beautiful and filled with amazing history. I cry every time at the Lincoln Memorial. Not alot of tears, just one or two slip out as I look down towards the Washington Monument and look back at Lincoln. Its like our special moment, lol
3. It was awesome to be able to celebrate our anniversary and just get away. We were walking past the Washington Monument at 3 on Saturday, which was our exact 5 year anniversary. Kind of a cool memory.

And the not so good parts:

1. It was hot. Im not talking kinda hot. I mean that we were both sunburned even while using sun screen and I got a dreadful heat rash. By the end of the day, my hair would be in a sweaty ponytail and I didnt care. It was that hot
2. We walked like maniacs. We had all-day metro passes but ended up walking to alot of places. Although I am in fairly good shape, I could barely walk by the third day. Today is not much better, it wasnt easy to get out of bed. Yikes.
3. We had the WORST hotel neighbors for 2 nights. Up to 3 AM, yelling and causing a commotion. Not much sleep was to be had which stunk.

Here are some of my favorite pics:

Dan and I on the steps of the Lincoln

Me in front of the Library of Congress

Dan and I in front of the National Cathedral

Outside the Federal Reserve (Dan made us see that, the FDIC and the IRS- dork, lol)


Shannon said...

I love the pictures Shannon!! You are Dan are cute :) What did you end up getting him his gift?
I'm thinking of you and praying lots for you and Dan
Lots of hugs

Danse said...

Yay for the mini vaca! We did the same thing, it's always great to get away for a bit.

Melissa said...

H & I loved DC also. I agree, the walking is such a chore!
I'm sorry you didn't know about my blog. I'm a bad, bad Pook.

Ro said...

Welcome back, Shan! I love DC! There's so much to see and do. Sorry about AF, but I'm glad you had a great time.

xoxo Wed