Friday, July 18, 2008

Things I do in the 2 WW that annoy me

Im starting to annoy myself in the 2 WW. Here are some things I do, feel free to add your own:

1. I check the toilet paper when I wipe. For what you ask? Implantation spotting, of course
2. I lift my shirt up whenever I can to check my boobs. Why? To see if my nippes are darker or my boobs look veined. Uh-huh, cute right?
3. I touch my nipples when I can to see if they are sore. They are right now, I think from the fact that I have been touching them constantly
4. I compare my chart to other BFP charts on Fertility Friend. I do this for hours, it cant be healthy.
5. I refuse to recognize that my increase in urination stems from my increased thirst which is directly related to the fact that its 90 degrees here today. Im in denial

I know I do more annoying things but thats all I got right now. In summary, I have no real symptoms right now, but I'll be darned if Im not trying to make them up *sigh*

Good news? One week until testing. July 26th...bring it on!


Molly said...

I totally feel you here. I was sure my "fatigue" was a pregnancy symptom....couldn't be due to the high stress and lack of sleep I had! Jeesh!

Good luck to you on the 26th!

Carly said...

Shannon- I can relate to everything you just listed as a fellow 2ww myself- seriously, I feel myself up all the time. It really is so hard to not obsess. I hope all your obsessions are for valid reasons babe- BFP dust to you!

Kristin (kekis) said...

I think you're all nuts. I have NEVER done any of that kind of stuff.

Well, not today I haven't! Yeah, right. GL next weekend!

Shannon said...

hahaha I have done all of those things too! I have used the fatigue as a symptom, I was really emotional last cycle, and I'm sure many many many more! I really do hate the 2WW
GL to you this cycle, I'm praying this is it for you

hopefaithlove said...

I coud have written this list... I will be testing on the 25th! GL

Silvina said...

Shannon, I do the same thing. I think it's so normal to do crazy things like that in the 2 WW. Good luck!!!