Friday, August 1, 2008


Crap, I know I am an evil bitch for my post earlier but I cant get over it. Why not me and Dan? We are ready for a baby. We want a baby. We pray for a baby every night. Sometimes more than once.

I hate this. I am sorry that I am so angry. Please God, help me get over it. PLEASE?


hopefaithlove said...

You are NOT an evil bitch, you are allowed to feel that way. I would feel the exact same way. You and DAN deserve a baby much more then they do (sorry to say that) b/c you have tried so hard for that to happen. The situation just sucks. Don't feel bad about your feelings they are vaild.

april said...

No, you are NOT evil. The only people who could read that and call you evil are the people who simply have not been where we are. If it makes you feel better, I've had THREE instances where I've gotten physically ill. One was his best friend walking in our house with his girlfriend 4 months pregnant, another was finding out a 16 year old family member might b pregnant, and the third was finding out that someone who talks about leaving her husband AND her kids on a very regular basis is now having yet another kid that she wont appreciate. It's just not freaking fair.

Stephanie said...

You are not a bitch Shannon. I have felt SO angry so many times in the past few months. It is ok to be angry. I pray too that God can help me somehow not be so angry everyday. It's hard to hear news like that and take it in stride when you have been trying for a while and you are so ready for a baby. Don't beat yourself up. ((hugs))