Thursday, August 7, 2008

So I DID end up loving it!

Finished Twilight last night, loved it. Im obsessed, I cant wait to see what happens next. I read the preview of New Moon, which was at the end of the book and that only made my obsession worse.

I have a rule with books- unless its one of my ultimate favorites, I dont buy it. The reason is that I read alot and I read fast and its just not economical for me to buy books. I might make an exception for New Moon though, I dont know if I can wait around a month for it to be my turn to borrow it from the library.

Im also pumped, I havent ovulated yet. This is good news because Im out of town so its been messing with my timing. I am headed home tonight so we can get to work on our timing. I do have good signs of O though, so now Im hoping its not too far away.

And one more thing. I had a BFP dream last night. It was so vivid, which is unusual for me, I dont remember mine much. And it continued for awhile, like I was doing regular activities but knew I was pregnant. Kinda sucked to wake up from that!

Ok, one more meeting to go and then Im on my way home, WOOT!


Lindsey said...

I KNEW you would love it! Oh my gosh, you need to buy all 4, trust me. There's something about them that you just can't wait to read the next one. I'm still enjoying Breaking Dawn slowly (since it's the last one :( )and I LOVE it. So flippin' good.
Yay for not o'ing quite yet. Your BFP is going to come true, before I got mine Brian had a dream that we did! It's a sign. muah.

jbwife said...

So glad you loved it!! Seriously the best series I've ever read. I'm with linds, you should totally buy the books!! These will be stories I'll want to reread once I've finished the last one (which I'm working on now). You can borrow mine if you want. Louisville's not too far :)

Shannon said...

I feel left out...what is this series? Whats it about? I'm in need of a good book! JB, I dont think Louisvilles far from JK
Thats awesome that you haven't Oed yet, now you can get some good timing in and make your dream come true!
I heart you lots, thanks for all the wonderful support you always bring!

Stephanie said...

I hate waking up from those kinds of dreams. Hopefully it will be a dream come true soon!

I need to start reading those books, I've had a lot of people tell me how good they are! I need something to do with myself too...I need to stay away from the computer and start reading!