Friday, September 19, 2008

Vent of the day (its been a long week, lol)

Dear contractors or male insureds,

I know it must be different for you to have a woman insurance adjuster who oftentimes knows more about construction than you do, but could you please treat me with a bit of respect when I am out at your home. Dont describe a roof vent as "a little box that would look like a present under a christmas tree" You can use big words with me, its my job to know what they are. I am a 30 year old woman with an MBA and write more estimates than any of the other adjusters in my entire company. Not really an idiot.

Also, my name is Shannon. Its not sweetie, hun, baby, doll or missy. You wouldnt call a male adjuster those names so dont use them with me.

Finally, dont stare at my ass or boobs. When I bend over to measure and turn around to find your face glued to my butt, it freaks me out. And Im wearing a polo, for gods sake, not a "boob shirt" so please quit staring at the small bit of my neck that is exposed. If I have to button it up to my neck, I will, so help me.


A disgruntled insurance adjuster


osuraj said...

Ha! I love this post...totally can relate, use to work for a paint company dealing with the same type of men!

Silvina said...

LOL!!! That's great, so typical for men. Why do men think we are dumb? I don't get it but it sure is a trait of them. I hope you have the weekend off to relax and enjoy it. Have a great weekend.

hopefaithlove said...

That was so funny!

Niki said...

you crack me up!
hmm.. and i was curious about your job and day-to-day realities of it.. this painted a nice pic! LOL!
hang in there.. hope things calm down..
(i am still w/o power or water.. and have heard things aren't much better up your way..)

Danse said...

lol - this was pretty funny to read, but it does suck though.

Nichole said...

Men are creepy jerks!!! But this post is hilarious!!

Carly said...

I would call them pigs, however if you bent over in front of me I'd be looking too :)

But seriously, that would make me feel all itchy and yukky- sorry you have to deal with that.

thanks for your comments on my blog- i heart you!

Mary said...

You're preaching to the choir! I work with construction guys all day long! Hey guess what dude - I know what a bird's mouth is, I'm not stupid.

Elisa said...

oh, shan this totally cracked me up. i know i'm late and this post is a few days old but i still just had to tell you that i heart you and think you're just awesome!