Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Vivid Dream

I dont remember my dreams often. I have always tried but its very rare for me to wake up and recall what I was dreaming about.

Except for the past two nights. I have dreamt of my Grandma Lea. She passed away 2/1/07 and was the first grandparent I lost. It broke my heart and her death created a huge hole in my small and very close family. We have moved on but things are different and we all feel like something is missing.

The dreams I had were so vivid. In the one, we were sitting in chairs looking into her backyard and her hand was on my hand. We talked about the economy, the election and my grandpa. (p.s. she loved to talk about politics, loved it) She kept telling me it would all be ok and the whole time she had her hand on my hand. The second dream was in her kitchen and she told me she was going to die but this time she wanted to say good bye. And we sat there and hugged one another and cried. I woke up and was crying.

I dont know why I would have these dreams now. I havent had any since she has passed. But when I got up this AM, I opened up my photo album to see a picture of her, Dan and I from my wedding. And I think maybe she came to me in my dream to give me some comfort and tell me that it is going to be ok. All of it. That makes me feel better.

Here is my grandma and grandpa in Hilton Head a couple years before she passed:

And this is my grandparents on their honeymoon:


Danse said...

Those are beautiful pictures. It's always hard to lose someone. ::hugs::

Silvina said...

I think your grandmother is trying to tell you something. She's giving you hope and telling you not to lose it. Although TTC is mentally and physically draining, she's saying everything is going to be okay. I sure hope so too. The photos are so cute of them together.

Kristin (kekis) said...

Oh, Shannon, I'm crying just reading about your dream. Honey, I think that was your grandmother coming to you to let you know that she IS with you always. She's watching over you now & knows everything is going to be okay. Hold on to that and try to find peace in it. Hopefully it will help you the rough days. I'm glad you finally got the chance to say goodbye, but I'm sure it hurt almost as much as it did 18+ months ago.

Ro said...

Those really are beautiful pictures, Shan. I'm so sorry for the loss of your Grandma.


Mary said...

Your pics are beautiful. I do believe your grandmom was trying to tell you something. Hang in there babe!