Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Advice? (I mean shut up ,please)

I know that people mean well when they offer advice on TTC and I am well aware that its my own fault for letting people know we are trying but I have decided to compile a list of some of the advice I have received over the past 16 months of trying:

1. Get drunk
2. Dont drink
3. Go on a cruise
4. Relax
5. Go to Niagara Falls, Vegas, inset other stupid location here
6. Eat ice cream (whole milk something or other)
7. Dont eat ice cream (or any sweets)
8. Watch for your creamy discharge and have sex then
9. Relax
10. Adopt a baby (cause thats so easy to do)
11. Have sex more
12. Have sex less
13. Relax
14. Try yoga
15. Work out more
16. Work out less
17. Just have fun with it
18. Pray more (really? Im pretty sure God is sick of me by now)
19. Dont think about it

Have any more to add to the list? I know I have a lot more but these are the ones I hear ALL THE TIME. HELP! :)


lovealways6565 said...

Get on top
dont get on top
get in the shower

:) See this is why I <3 you! lol

Danse said...

I've gotten the "smoke a joint advice." From my dad, mind you.


Bliss04 said...

my favorite was "the easiest thing to do is to just not think about it." ok, i will THINK about hitting you in the face!

Mary said...

1. stop stressing over it.
2. have sex during ovulation (gee, really?
3. Try not to think about it.
4. Have sex in the morning - you are more fertile in the am.

STUPID people!

Nichole said...

Mom mother said "You just go off the pill and screw" Yeah mom I have been doing that thanks!!!

And like Bliss said "Just stop trying and don't think about it!" How do you do that???

osuraj said...

Additions to your list include...eat pineapple, do it doggy style, don't eat soy, stop trying to so hard, put your legs in the air afterwards...and as if we could forget, the ever popular: RELAX!!!

Scullyhoyy said...

Ok seriously all those things make me want to shoot someone.

We all need to just stop trying....umm what the Hell does that mean? Please explain....

((hugs)) lovf you shannon!

Carly said...

how about 'just have sex all month and it will happen', or 'stick your legs in the air for 30 minutes after', or buy a monitor or do OPKs because that was what so-and-so did and they got k/u the 1st month (as if you have not tried anything besides random sex yet).

BIG BIG BIG super duper hugs... opening up to others is a double edges sword sometimes when they don't know what to say and what it is like to be you.


Shannon said...

hahaha Shannon I heart you!! this is hilarious. I always get the 'oh just relax it will happen in time', I honestly just feel like cying and hitting the person all at the same time. lol

♥ HisLovf ♥ said...

1. Make sure you have sex 12 days after your period starts, that's when you're most fertile.
2. Try not to worry about it so much and it'll happen.

Blah! Lovf you Shannon!

Shannon said...

I love all of the additions you gals made, I've heard those, too. (except the smoke a joint one, Danse!) I

Kristin (kekis) said...

"You might want to talk to your doctor about that."

Uh,yeah. My doctor has seen more of my girly parts than my husband has/probably will ever see. Such good advice.