Friday, October 24, 2008

Its the weekend, still sick and our plan.

Well its not quite the weekend yet, my day officially ends at 4:30. Come on 25 minutes! But since I work from home, Im already in my comfy clothes and have done some cleaning so I feel like the weekend has started.

My mom scheduled her surgery for November 3rd. The good thing is that I am off of work on the 5th-7th so I can spend some time with her while my dad goes back to work. I just cant wait for the surgery to be over so that she can focus on recovering and feeling better.

And check this out. Tomorrow is the 10th day of my meds, which is supposed to be the last, but I kid you not. I STILL dont feel good. I have a bit of a cough, which I could live with but the bad part is that I still cant hear fully out of my ears. Are you kidding me? So I guess I need to go back to the doctor. Lovely.

I have also had some people asking me lately about my lap surgery and our TTC plan. We kinda had a bump in the road with that at our last RE appt. Basically, the RE told us that after we do the lap, they give me 3 months to get pregnant and if Im not, they move into IUI. The problem? We arent ready for IUI. I cant help it but I still feel like I have a shot to get pregnant without IUI, IVF or any meds and its not that Im against it at all, I just am not ready to go down that path. So we have suspended our RE visits and cancelled the lap. We are going to keep trying 6-8 cycles, which will take us to April-June. If Im not pregnant by then, we will decide whether we will do the lap or move into adoption. At that point, it will be at 2 years of trying and, in my opinion, it will be time to make a decision on what we do.

Honestly? Part of me doubts our decision. I wonder if we should be more proactive. But when I really think about it and when Dan and I pray about it together, the answer we always come to is that we want to keep trying. All I can ask for though is prayers. Because I need them right now. I feel myself falling apart a bit and it takes all that I am at times to keep things together.

Alright, enough with that. I hope everyone has a rockin' weekend. Peace!


Danse said...

I wish your mom and speedy recovery and hopefully you'll feel better soon.

As far as the TTC stuff - you have to do what's right for you, so try not to doubt your decisions. Good luck!

Ro said...

I hope your mom feels better soon, Shan. She and your family are in my prayers.

We are here for you, dear. You are not alone.

Mary said...

Both you and your mom are in my prayers.

Dubting your decision is completely natural. Deep down though, you know that you are doing the right thing for you. That is what matters. As I said before, don't let anyone pressure you into something that you and Dan aren't ready for yet.
You will be a mom, you have too much love in your heart for it not to happen. Stay strong Shannon. I'm here any time you need me.

AMG said...

I will be praying for you and your mom! I've always admired your strength Shannon. ((HUGS))

Stephanie said...

I hope you feel better soon and that your mom's surgery goes well. Do what is right for you and your DH with the TTC stuff. Everyone is different and if you guys aren't ready to go down that path, then don't. I'll keep praying for you!

Elisa said...

hoping your mom has a very speedy recovery - you and your family are definitely in my thoughts and prayers.

shan, you WILL have a baby! your game plan sounds very practical. if you're not ready for IUI or IVF, then don't let anyone convince you otherwise.

i marvel at your strength and grace everyday. you inspire me.

Shannon said...

I will keep your mom in our prayers, and also pray for a speedy recovery for her.

Shan, please dont doubt your decision. Like you said you and Dan have been praying about this for such a long time. And obviously this is in Gods plan, and in Gods timing(which is so hard to trust!)
Please hang in there, you are such a strong and couragious woman. Oh and a HUGE inspiration to me. I will pray for you hun!
Lots of hugs

lovealways6565 said...

I hope your mom has a fast and easy recovery!

Shannon you and dan are always in mine and DH's prayers.. I can truely say you are one of the most inspiring (sp) people I "know" and you are going to be such a wonderful mother.. God has a plan for ya'll you just have to wait it out! <3 ya!

Melissa said...

Saying a prayer for you. Always here for you!

Danielvalentine said...

It can happen! If you do not feel ready, then I am glad you are doing what you both feel is right and just waiting for it. Just know somebody in Texas will be praying for you both to give you the desire of your heart!

Sarah said...

Good luck to your mom and I'm glad to hear you'll be able to be there to help her out!

I think your plan sounds perfect if it perfect for you and Dan. No one can tell you two what is or isn't right for you.


♥RedRose101307♥ said...

good luck to your mom sweetie

your TTC plan sounds good to me babes. bottom line you have to do what's right for you and dan. i'm always here for you