Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Poems

"Why AF is a Whore" by Shannon Lea

AF is a whore because she ruins my day when she comes.
She makes me mad
She makes me crampy
She dashes my hope
She puts a pimple on my cheek.
I hate her

"Why AF is Not a Whore" By Shannon Lea

When she comes, I can drink a big fat glass of wine
And it is yummy

(I am quite aware that these poems are ridiculous and they do not rhyme. And yes, I have already sucked down a glass of wine in the matter of 15 minutes so I might be buzzed)


Tara said...

I'm sorry for AF, but I heart your poems. I am enjoying some wine myself right now.
Gl for next cycle!

AMG said...

Shannon I'm so sorry AF showed for you too. Hopefully we'll both have better luck next cycle. I think I will join you in the wine drinking. PS - love the poems!

Carly said...

hmm I am going to write you a poem now
You are hott, you are lovely
I love to get you very sudsy
F**k AF that evil whore
you my love, deserve so much more

i am sorry babe- tons of hugs

Ro said...


I'm so sorry, Shan.

twirler324 said...

I am so sorry she showed today, Shannon! Enjoy some wine, and hang in there!!! ((HUGS))

Kathryn said...

I super, super puffy heart you. And your poems. : )