Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Part 2 and Forgiveness

Well Election 2008 is over, finally. No more political phone calls or flyers in my mailbox, im excited!

I am dissapointed that McCain/Palin did not win but I will fully put my support behind Obama. As a citizen of this great country, I have to trust that he will really bring forth the CHANGE that he has promised. I can only HOPE that our nation will be a better nation then it is today. So we'll see how the next 4 years go!

In other news, Dan and I are taking this class at church based on the book "Love and Respect" (which I will summarize in another month, at the end of the class- its so good!) Anyways, the couple who teaches the class sent out an email link today to an article on forgiveness and I just wanted to share it. Here is the article:

I thought this article was great so I wanted to pass it on!

Finally, Id like to share a quick story of how God answers our prayers. I have a great friend who has been trying to get pregnant for awhile. Her and her husband have been praying about this and have been trying to figure out what to do. The other day, she got a call that a young girl was pregnant and wanted to give the baby up for adoption. My friend went and met with the mother and the mother has picked her and her husband to be her baby's parents. Talk about how great is our God! My friend is going to be a wonderful mom and I cant wait to see it happen!

Have a great day :)


Shannon said...

Thanks for the article Shannon! I really needed that today(its been a very long day). I like how it shared how to deal with the person, and that forgiving some one does not mean that your forgetting what happened. Its so true
And what a wonderful prayer answered!! Our God is great!!