Friday, November 21, 2008

Reality TV and Just Me

I will admit it, I am a reality TV junkie. Big Brother, Project Runway, Real Wives of Orange County, Laguna Beach. You name it? I love it. Except...lately. I have noticed that here are some real trashy reality shows on. Im not saying that the ones I listed above don't have some "trash factor" to them but last night, I flipped through MTV and VH1 and came across the following:

1. Real Chance at Love
2. My New BFF (or some crap) with Paris Hilton.

Talk about hot mess. The first show is a spin off (surprise, surprise) of like 3 shows and although the original shows were a disaster, this one is just plain gross. Trust me. Its all booze and boobs combined into one half an hour train wreck. The second show is a bunch of girls vying to be best friends with Paris Hilton. Uhhh, why? Aside from money and popularity, that girl has the charisma of a box of rocks. After watching a mere 5 minutes of the show, I decided I am too old for this junk anymore. Have I come to the point where I prefer Foxnews over I Love New York? It would appear so.

You'll never guess who is in the 2 WW? Me. I kid, of course. But Im around 10 DPO today. We'll see how the next 4 days go.

Im gearing up for a weekend of football- Go Buckeyes and Brownies! Hope everyone has a good one!

"It is in the darkest sky that you can see the stars the clearest"


Lindsay said...

Why would anyone want to be friends with Paris?? I mean seriously.

Have a great weekend!

Lindsay said...

I love all reality shows but I never got into the shows on VH1 and the Paris show.

Alicea (mnbride1013) said...

I used to love reality TV, but now the only one I watch is The Hills. I'm ashamed to admit I have the Laguna Beach series on DVD.

AMG said...

I'm totally a reality TV junkie too! And I have to agree that there is some trash out there. No thanks!

My fingers are crossed for you! (and for me too but I'm losing hope!)

flojat said...

I once watched an entire "Flavor of Love" marathon on a Saturday. I think I ODed on my first shot out! I can't seem to stomach those shows any more. : )

Sarah said...

I would be a show to be your BFF.

Love the quote; reminds me of one from Oscar Wilde (I might not get this exactly right) "only when you're in the gutter, can you focus on the stars".

Carly said...

have you seen the ads for the new one, a secret judging on inner beauty?
so bad, yet so addictive
i hope the next couple days go well for you! I can't stalk your chart as there is not much there :)
fingers crossed for you lady love