Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mission Ovulation 2008

Day 26: Ovulation? Still MIA.

Trying my hardest not to scream (or cry, sometimes I want to cry) because I am just frustrated with waiting to ovulate. And although I made jokes about why I am frustrated, the biggest reason is that I am afraid that my body will revert back to its non-ovulating self. Although I have had almost a year of ovulation, why now? *sigh*

Here is a question- I have heard that its common to have an anovulatory cycle once in awhile, but has this happened to any of you girls? And how did it happen? Did you just not ovulate, get a "period" and then move onto a new cycle? Or did you have to go through the Provera/Prometrium route to get things moving.

On a non TTC note, I hope everyone is enjoying the last few days before Christmas! Only 4 more days!

"Life is a succession of lessons, which must be lived to be understood."
Ralph Waldo Emerson


Leannabanna said...

Keeping you in my thougths and prayers as well Shannon. I hope 2009 brings new hope to you and DH.

RDgirl said...

I can only imagine what frustration you are going through right now and I'm so sorry. Just let it out and cry; I find it very therapeutic. Ovulation is affected by stress and you are under a huge amount right now. Not saying that if you cry you'll ovulate but you may feel better!

Every time this happens to me I still get my period right on time even though I never ovulated. That's what is confusing because if I wasn't temping or POAS I'd never know there was something wrong. My temps go all over the place, below the cover line etc. and I don't get a real (+) OPK, just faint lines that go away. You should still get a period because your endometrial lining is built up awaiting the hoped for Oing. If not then I'd take a HPT just to be sure and then call your GYN/RE.

Silvina said...

I know how frustrating it is when your not ovulating on time. As you see day after day go by and nothing. I guess you can say I use to have anovulatory cycles because I use to get AF every other month. I always ovulated although it was always on CD 35-47. So I never got AF without ovulation. My longest cycle was 61 days and that cycle I O'ed on CD 47. GL Shannon and I want you to know I'm always praying for you.

Mary said...

WTF?! I'd be pissed if I were you too! You know my story so I'm not gonna tell you again. I say give it another 2 weeks and call the doc if it doesn't happen by then. Although I know it will. Ain't it a bitch that you stopped temping to have less stress and now this?! Do me a favor and put your ute up to the monitor so I can kick it, mkay?
((hugs)) you know I'm here for ya.

A said...

I feel your pain. Here's my story: I got pregnant right off the pill, had a m/c, took 3 months to get my period, then had 2 anovulatory cycles in a row. The first I bled 27 days after my last period, then this cycle I was on CD 60 and went on provera. I think my body doesn't know what it needs to do. So now I'm going to try clomid this month and see what happens. Feel free to email me at if you want to chat. My blog is private but send me an email and you can follow me on my crazy journey!!!

Carly said...

hopefully you O very soon- but it is normal to have one annov cycle a year or something like that. I am prety sure when that happens you move on and have your period- not everyone who has an annov goes to bazillion day cycle and needs meds. I hope that this cycle works itself out for you, whatever its doing. Who knows, you could have already o'd but since you were not taking temps, just are not sure??
(( HUGS))

osuraj said...


When my cycles have been annovulatory I still get a fact my cycles are pretty much the exact length, just without the O.

I'm sorry you are going crazy waiting. :-(

BabyBurns said...

Oh I hope it comes soon for you!! I know how hard it is to sit around and wait for O. I'm thinking about you!

Scullyhoyy said...

Sending a crap load of O dust your way! & some prayers too:)

Danse said...

Good luck Shannon. I'm hoping O comes soon for you.

Stephanie said...

I hope you O soon. I had one annovulatory cycle, I think it was maybe the 6th cycle after I went off the pill. It was a cycle that was normal in length (I think about 30 days) but I just never got any kind of temp shift or + opk. I got AF and then moved on to a new cycle and I did O that next cycle.

I'm always praying for great things for you. ((Hugs))

Mel said...

oh honey, i have been there! i never o'ed before cd 23, ever. as late as the 40s was not crazy. it's a long wait and it sucks. just plain sucks.

i've also had an annov, and it was around 70 days of nothing and then a period like all was normal. it was just once, and there was no warning. i think it just happens. again, sucks.

i hope you get that temp spike i you are looking for - then you can wait again for about 14 days. ;) thinking of you always!

Bliss04 said...

shan, i had an ovulatory cycle in april. i just didn't have a thermal shift, but my period came on its own. it was still a normal day cycle, too. i hope your journey turns into a miracle here soon!

Anonymous said...

I have had four anovulatory cycles this year.

First and third one: 30 days. Period came just like normal; no temp shift and no +OPK.

Second and fourth one: 81 days. My temp remained low until CD67. I saw my doctor during both these cycles and he asked that I wait it out--no Provera. I did not use OPK's during these cycles.

I am currently on CD32 of another cycle and have had 4 +OPK's over the past two weeks, but still no temp shift. I've read this is a possible sign of PCOS, and my doctor will be exploring this very shortly.

It's very frustrating to wait, and I'm sorry.

Dianne said...

Yes this has happened to me also!!! I have taken provera to start things, but that too can make it take forever!!! When I don't ovulate (which is pretty much everytime without medication) I spot for about 10-14days then I get my period. It is so frustrating!! Hang in there. I am not sure if you are on clomid, but that really helped get my cycle normal. I still needed a trigger shot though to induce ovulation.

Hope this helpls!