Monday, December 22, 2008

My 101 in 1001 days

When I heard about the 101 things in 1001 days, I knew I had to participate in it. For me, its a way to get my life back. Its a way to quit living with the "what ifs" and "how comes" that are a part of my infertility journey. Instead, Im choosing to focus on what I want to do. Some things are small, some things are larger but I believe that all of them will help me be a better me.

I am posting the list now, although I will be starting it on January 1, 2009. I realize its kind of "New Years Resolution Cliche-ish" but I dont care. If anyone else makes their own list, I cant wait to check it out. I plan to expand my blog to include the completion of the items on my list. So look forward to that :)

Without further adieu, here is my list:

- Take the time to cut and color my hair every 3 months
- Keep a journal
- Make a list of 20 things I like about myself
- Buy a good bra
- Learn European and African geography
- Try 5 new restaurants
- Learn to say “Im sorry” without making excuses
- Quit swearing
- Improve my handwriting
- Keep my car cleaner
- Go see a movie alone
- Get a massage
- Try sushi
- Get a make-up consultation and buy what they suggest
- Write a letter to myself that I can read in 10 years
- Learn how to use chopsticks

- Complete a random act of kindness
- Send a care package to a soldier
- Work at a food bank
- Donate 10 items to charity
- Increase our donation to church
- Have a garage sale and donate all money to charity
- Over tip when I receive extra ordinary service
- Send actual birthday cards to 3 friends per year
- Give 3 “just because” gifts per year
- Write a letter to a store manager after receiving good service
- Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity
- Stop at a child’s lemonade stand

- Buy a new camera
- Take a photography class
- Read War and Peace
- Read The Grapes of Wrath
- Read The Bible
- Rent and watch 5 classic movies
- Climb a mountain
- Take a sign language course
- Create a food blog with photos
- Go to a make-your-own-pottery place
- Make homemade greeting cards
- Go white water rafting
- Try a new recipe once a week
- Visit 5 states that I haven’t been to
- See Chris Tomlin in concert
- Bake bread from scratch
- Make spaghetti sauce from scratch
- Buy a sewing machine and learn how to use it

- Run 250 miles a year (about one mile, 5 times a week)
- Take the stairs instead of the elevator when in a building with 5 or less flights
- Buy good running shoes
- Try accupuncture
- Take a yoga class
- Keep a food journal for one month
- Lose 10 lbs
- Quit drinking pop
- Use moisturizer with sunscreen every day
- Eat a fruit or vegetable every day
- Try 3 new fruits or vegetables
- Get a few freckles/moles checked out

With Dan
- Go to a drive-in movie
- Fly a kite together
- Go to NYC together
- Eat dessert Serendipity 3
- Go on a picnic
- Go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art
- Lay on a blanket under the stars
- Build a snow man together
- Go apple picking
- Organize a love scavenger hunt with post-its
- Spend one night a week with no TV
- Watch the sunset or sunrise on a beach (or both!)
- Make a list of why I love Dan and give it to him
- Visit a planetarium
- Complete “The Love Dare”
- Stay at a Bed and Breakfast
- Pray each night together

- Take my grandparents to dinner
- Write letters to my parents
- Learn to make my mom’s brownies
- Learn to make my grandma’s stuffed cabbage
- Find out about my family history and document it
- Go on a trip with my sister
- Go to a HS football game with my grandpa
- Visit my grandma and uncle’s graves
- Send my mom flowers
- Send actual cards at random times to extended family
- Have my sister and brother-in-laws over for game night

- Finish bathroom remodel and post before/after pics
- Finish Great Room/Family room remodel and post before/after pics
- Get basement waterproofed and carpeted

- Find a mentor
- Join the Cleveland Claims Association

- Buy re-usable bags
- Start a compost pile
- Turn water off when brushing teeth
- Make all natural cleaning supplies
- Plant a tree and take care of it
- Plant a full garden and use items from it 3 times a week
- Set up laundry line inside and outside instead of using dryer

The List
- Donate $5 for each goal I do not complete
- When I finish all of the items, make a new list


Tara said...

I really enjoyed reading your list Shannon! You have some great things on there. I hope you are able to accomplish them all!

Leannabanna said...

Good luck in acomplishing your goals in 09, Shannon!

jbwife said...

Very inspirational. I totally need to do that. There are always things I say I want to do and never do them. Many of the hobbies you have listed are things I want to do. I'd love to take a sign language class! I hope you complete your list and take lots of pictures to document things, especially your NYC trip!!

AMG said...

Wow Shannon! I am very impressed! You have a wonderful list and I think it's a great idea. I will enjoy hearing about your journey to achieve all the items on your list.

G said...

That's a great list :-) Seems much more useful/meaningful than the typical New Year's resolution. GL!

Danse said...

You've got some great ideas on that list! Good luck with everything and make sure to keep us posted!

osuraj said...

I love this! I want to do it, but I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to think of enough things! :-)

Scullyhoyy said...

Sounds like that 1001 days are going to be great! I wish you all the luck of accomplishing them all.

A said...

I really love your list! Thank you for sharing! Can't wait to follow your blog as you complete your 101!

Ro said...

This is such a great list, Shan! I'm excited to read as you fulfill them!

hopefaithlove said...

that is adorable, GREAT IDEA!

Kristi said...

The Lord's blessings to you as you work on your list. I can't wait to see the results!

Elisa said...

i know i've said this like a million times, but you're a true inspiration and impress me so much. your list is incredible! i'm excited to follow your journey as you check them off...

Alicea (mnbride1013) said...

That is a terrific list...I should do one myself! I hope you get to them all this year!

Z said...

That is such a great list babe! I'm excited to see you start accomplishing them!

flojat said...

Your list rocks. NFT.

gringa78 said...

Love it!!!

Thinking of you...have a great holiday!!

Kristin (kekis) said...

What great goals you have! I think they are very reasonable & attainable. One I particulary loved is stopping at a child's lemonade stand - I LOVE doing that! I also want to hear more about the "Love Dare."

Lindsay said...

Just now having a chance to read your list. I love it! GL!