Saturday, May 9, 2009

6 weeks

Another week, another post. Yesterday was 6 weeks and I would have updated my blog then but I fell asleep so early that I didnt have time.

My nausea has set in but its still managable. I have to eat constantly. I used to be a "Eat 3 times a day" person but lately, Im eating every two hours or so, even if its a granola bar, pretzel or piece of fruit. Keeping something in my tummy helps.

I hope everyone is going good and has a wonderful weekend!

How far along: 6w1d

Total weight gain/loss: Im down a total of 4 lbs, even though Im eating alot. Im going to mention it to my doctor but Im sure everything is ok

Sleep: I've been able to stay up a bit later a few nights (i.e. 9:30) and Im sleeping in a little more

Best moment this week: Receiving my beautiful necklace, mentioned in below post

Food cravings: Um, its been a struggle to eat this week because nothing really sounds good but I had a couple days where pepperoni, canteloupe and pretzels sounded good. (but not together!)

Have you bought any baby stuff: Not yet. We might buy a little something after our first u/s but Im holding off

What I miss: Ehh, I just feel a little off. I miss not being able to cook, work around the yard or go shopping without feeling queasy.

What I am looking forward to: Still our first u/s

Weekly Wisdom: If you want something to eat (say, like a chicken sandwhich and small fry from McDonalds) get it and enjoy.

Hey you, you're a child in my head
You haven't walked yet
Your first words have yet to be said
But I swear you'll be blessed


Kelly and Natalie said...

YAY belly pic! Keep on eating girl! Everyone told me to do that in the beginning, but it was so hard. Once I realized it was not an option, things were better, even if just for an hour! I ate all the time and didn't worry about weight gain--leave those worries til after baby gets here! :)

Happy Mother's Day! :)

Jessica said...

I bet you can't wait for the pictures of the little peanut when you get them!!

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Amy said...

Happy Mother's Day Shannon! I'm sure this one is going to be extra special for you!

gringa78 said...

Love your belly!! Happy Mother's Day!!!

Silvina said...

You look so cute!!! I use to eat all the time too in the beginning. I was always hungry. Just do what your body tells you to do. Have a nice weekend!!!

Alicea (mnbride1013) said...

Ha ha! Yep, keep on eating - it's exactly what I did to ward off the nausea. Hopefully you don't get any bad food aversions - I got my worst ones while in Vegas of all places over New Years! All I could eat was ice cream at a BUFFET!! Ha ha!!

Danse said...

You're so tiny! I can't wait to see your u/s pics! (FWIW, I lost about 5lbs the first tri - babies are growing right on track) It's hard to eat when nothing sounds great.

Megan said...

Its going so great for you Shannon! Don't worry about any weight loss. Its all because of the nausea and you eating more often. Your metabolism is just speeding up since you are nourishing yourself more. Hope you have a great first Mother's Day!

Aries833 said...

Happy Mother's Day! Keep eating and push the high protein snacks and you should be able to keep that nausea under control. I thought that was the hardest part of pregnancy. Just remember it means your baby is healthy and thriving!

Carly said...

YAY for an early belly pic- it will amaze you to look back at it :)
i am counting down for your u/s, can't wait to see the little on

Danse said...

PS - I nominated you for an award, check out my blog for details.

Ro said...

You're so cute! I bet you're going to have a gorgeous belly!

Can't wait for your u/s!!!