Monday, September 28, 2009

And the names are...

After much discussion, false calls (we thought we had names at one point and even told our families) and yelling names up and down the hallways of our house to see what they sound like, we have selected names for our twins.

The boy is Joshua Robert. Robert is after my paternal grandpa and my only uncle, who passed away 2 years ago. The name means "God Saves" which is a pretty powerful message.

The girl is Emma Sophia. Sophia is after my maternal grandma. I never thought I would select a more popular name but I cant explain it, she feels like an Emma. And she already likes the name- she kicks like crazy when I call her by the name :)

So there they are. It feels even more real to have names for our babies. I have a growth ultrasound tomorrow and my 27 week (along with my GD test) on Wednesday so I will post an update then.

I hope everyone had a good Monday!

"The faith of knowing deep inside your heart
That heaven holds more than just some stars
Someone's up there watching over you
That's the kind of day I wish for you" Faith Hill's Wish for You

Friday, September 25, 2009

Nursery Pictures

As promised, I have some nursery pics. The nursery is 90% done. I still need:

1. The rug that matches our decor
2. To purchase and hang up a frame that has 12 slots in it for the babies' monthly pictures
3. Decide if Im going to hang anything over their cribs. I dont want to do their full names but maybe their first initial? It kinda goes with the whole Alphabet Soup theme. To be decided....

Anyways, here goes:

Full View (or as much as I could get)

(Changing table with wall hangings)

(Dresser with quote over it)

(Girl Baby Clothes)

(Boy Baby Clothes)

So its coming along! Maybe I will try to pick up the frame (I saw one at Michael's) this weekend and decide on the possible initial letter over their crib. I would also be able to buy the actual letters this weekend because we do have names picked out! But that info will have to be for another post. I have a few more people Id like to tell before I put it in my blog. But I promise to tell soon!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

99 bottles of beer...

...Or 99 days of pregnancy left, you pick! I just looked at my ticker and it caught me off guard. Im used to seeing triple digits but its nice to welcome the double digit ticker.

Things are good over here, not much new to report. We have our last childbirth class tomorrow, Dan goes to Daddy Boot Camp on Saturday, the nursery is almost done (I promise to post pics by the end of the week- so cute!) and my shower invites have offically been mailed. Some of the other things we are working on are car shopping (all indications point to a minivan in our future), selecting a pediatrician and reading about breastfeeding. Oh the excitement!

This will be short for today. I think Im going to celebrate my new double digit status with some ice cream. Hope everyone is having a good day!

All things bright and beautiful You are
All things wise and wonderful You are
In my darkest night, You brighten up the skies
A song will rise

Friday, September 11, 2009

Recent Twin Purchases

We have a fair amount of stuff for the babies already- clothes, toys, stroller, furniture, etc. But here are two of my recent purchases that are amongst my favorites:

1. Vinyl Wall Quote

The picture is from the EBAY site where I purchased the quote, seller is ag-auctions, in case you are interested. It says "Two angels sent from above, double the blessings and twice the love" I love it and plan to put it over the changing table, which is in between both of their cribs.

2. Baby Hats with Ears

I literally almost die from the cuteness of these babies in the hats. Also from EBAY, the seller is lilylushoppe1216. I ordered the boy the darker blue and the girl a darker pink. I am already swooning when I think about how stinkin' cute they will be in the hats.

Just wanted to share some of my cute purchases!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Whats been goin' on?

I feel like I am in some time-warp universe where days go by like seconds! I cant believe its been 2 weeks (AGAIN) since I've updated. Here's whats been goin' on over at my house:

1. Nursery- Dan diligently put together the 2 cribs, changing table and dresser and our nursery is well underway. I have actually been purchasing most of the nursery decor pieces on my own because BRU is discontinuing it (of course) so I dont want to miss out. The only piece that I really want but dont have is the rug but its on my "to buy" list. Im not overly concerned about the mobiles or the matching garbage can so if I dont get those, no biggie. Here are some nursery pics:

Dan with Crib #1

All furniture set up (the other crib is directly to the left)

2. Child birth classes- Yep, we started them and it is well, interesting. I really like learning the relaxation techniques and have a feeling that I will focus alot on those as my pregnancy progresses and I move towards delivery, whether its vaginal or c-section. The interesting part came when the instructor discussed various things that occur during childbirth. Now I havent been through childbirth but I have read enough books and heard enough stories to get an pretty good picture of what goes on. Dan on the other hand? Not so much. He looked at me about 5 times and said "Did YOU know that happens" I just laughed but I think it was eye opening for him.

3. Baby Movement- I have no lack of movement from my babies, they are all over the place. The funniest thing is that the boy likes to shift positions alot so I can literally see my stomach change shape and oftentimes, its lopsided. Its such a strange sensation to feel them roll around but its also amazing!

4. Belly and weight- I am up 16 lbs at 23 weeks and my doctor was happy with that. I sometimes feel like I can watch my belly grow bigger day by day. Here is my latest belly picture, actually taken at 24 weeks, which is today.

OMG, Im getting so big! Its funny because my legs, arms and booty are all the same size but then it looks like I swallowed a huge watermelon. I know I need to get used to the belly because, lets be honest, its not going to get smaller anytime soon!

Finally, today is 24 weeks, which is Viability Day. Its the first time that the babies have a chance (statistically) of surviving outside of the womb. Although I hope they stay put for a long, long time, it is a milestone and Im all about recognizing any milestone I hit. So happy V-Day babies! Mama Loves You! :)

Hope everyone is having a good week!