Saturday, December 26, 2009

My Birth Story

I have some time today so I wanted to get this typed up, before I forget

Dan and I arrived at the Macondald Women's Hospital at 6 AM on Thursday December 17th. We got all checked into our room and of course I realized I forgot my cell phone in the car. So Dan ran to get it while the nurse checked my vitals and prepared me for the pitocin. I also had an internal and found I was 4.5 cm dilated, which was another .5 cm dilated than the week before.

The pitocin started at 7 AM and the monitor showed contractions but I couldnt really feel them. My parents came up to my room shortly after and sat with us but not much was going on. Around 10 AM, not much had changed and although the contractions were a bit more painful, they were tolerable. My dad had enough of sitting in my room and my sister took his place.

My OB came in to check me around 10 AM and I was at 5 cm dilated. Still not painful. So we continued to wait.

At noon, my OB came back and decided to break my water, which I was fine with. Honestly, I had a feeling that once my water broke, my labor would really pick up. And I was right! The breaking of the water was easy and shortly after, my contractions became closer together and alot stronger. Honestly, I tried to time contractions but then Id forget to time one and get off track so I just gave up!

At 2 PM, the pain became pretty strong and since I knew I was going to deliver the twins with an epidural, I requested one at that time. I was probably around 7 cm.
The epirdual was not pleasant. It was hard to sit still when I was in so much pain and they had to stick me twice because they didnt position the first one correctly. But once it got in, the pain was very tolerable. I would still get a feeling of pressure and some discomfort but no real pain. The downside was that it caused me to shake, sometimes pretty bad.

Around 3 3:30 PM, my OB came back and checked me and I was 9.5 cm dilated so they were ready to move me to the OR for delivery. My sister and mom were in the room with Dan and I so we said our good-byes to them and I got wheeled into the OR by my nurse, Ashley. She was with me the entire day, through delivery, and she was great!

I started pushing around 3:45 and continued until 5:21, when Emma was born. There was pain, I wont lie. But I just wanted to get her out so badly that it was incentive to just push through it.

I always though that once I delivered Emma, Joshua would just kinda come out. Well yeah, he did not. He basically scooted himself back up so I had to labor another hour and 9 minutes to deliver him. By this time, the pain was back and I was exhuasted so they gave me more pain meds which helped. Joshua did stay head down but he turned himself "sunny-side up" and wouldnt flip around so delivering him was alot harder and more painful. He also caused me a second degree tear (TMI but hey, its my story, lol)

Once they delivered Emma, they put her in a basinette right by my bed so I could look at her while I delivered Joshua. I remember thinking she was perfect. She had a perfectly round head, long fingers and little round lips that were already sucking.
When I delivered Joshua, they put him on my chest for a bit and it was the first time I held either one of them. I remember thinking how small he was and how long his legs were. He also had the most intense eyes, which he opened almost immediately and appeared to be staring right at me.

The next hour was filled with getting cleaned up and taken back to my room. I really closed my eyes most of the time but not before I asked my nurse, Ashley, if I would be able to order food when I got back to my room. She laughed but I was starved.

While Dan waited for them to finish on me, he went down to tell our families the good news. I really wish I could have been there to see their reactions but I can truly imagine and feel their joy even though I wasnt there.

I got back to my recovery room at 7:15 and by 7:30, Dan and I were ready for our families to come and see us, especially since they had been there all day and only had until 8 to see us and the babies.

So thats that. My story. In some respects, I feel like this story is the end of a long journey and I guess it is. But in reality, its really just the beginning of a different journey. One that will be filled with different ups and downs, challenges and rewards and one that will change the person that I am. Because now I am mother.

A few pictures for your viewing pleasure:

Last Belly Pic- 38w1d

In labor and delivery- on my laptop, of course

Emma Sophia Born 5:21 PM, 6 lbs 5oz

Joshua Robert Born 6:30 PM, 5lbs 12 oz

Dan and I right after delivery

Our families waiting to see the babies

...and coming home!

And I wouldn't change a thing

I'd walk right back through the rain

Back to every broken heart

On the day that it was breakin'

And I'd relive all the years

And be thankful for the tears I've cried with every stumbled step

That led to you

and got me here, right here


Amy said...

Congratulations again Shannon. I could not be more happy for you and Dan! Your babies are just precious and you will be such a wonderful mom to them! Thanks for sharing your birth story!

rls07 said...

Congratulations Shannon! You are so strong! Josh and Emma are so lucky to have parents like you and Dan. Can't wait to see more pics!

Jesse and Mandy Peterson said...

So happy that you got to spend Christmas with your two precious miracle babies! Congratulations!!!

Kelly and Natalie said...

Congrats again, lady! They are beautiful. Hope you are feeling well!

Ava and the Trips said...

Congratulations! You did such an amazing job carrying them as long as you did. I enjoyed reading your birth story!

Jessica said...

Thanks for sharing you birth story!! I can't believe that Emma and Joshua were born an hour apart, that is so interesting.

Alicea (mnbride1013) said...

Great story, thanks for posting!

Danse said...

Thanks for sharing! They're beautiful - and you look great!

tara said...

i'm so happy you posted this. i've been dying to know how everything went. i know you are super busy getting settled so i didn't want to call. Emma and joshua look perfect. I'm glad your delivery went well, besides the tear and pain. i know you and dan are doing great. talk to you soon

Aaliyah said...

Girl Congrats!! Soooo many congrats!

Mary said...

I have goosebumps on my arms and tears in my eyes for you. I am so, so excited for you! The babies are gorgeous. You will be a stupendous mom!
Love ya babe!

A said...

Shannon, Thank you for sharing your story! It was just perfect!!!! I can't wait to here more stories about those two little blessings!!!

Brittney said...

A HUGE congratulations to you and Dan!!! Your babies are absolutely beautiful. I'm so happy for you:)

Megan said...

Congrats! You are one hell of a woman to push out 2 kids like that. So happy for you and your "christmas presents". Beautiful babies and beautiful family. Enjoy them!

Shannon said...

Shannon what a great story, thanks so much for sharing it with us. It brought tears to my eyes, especially reading the quote that you wrote after, just perfect!!! You are already such a wonderful mother Shannon!!!
hugs and love!

Katie said...

Congratulations on the two beautiful babies! You are an inspiration for people like me who are still trying to conceive.

Best of luck.

Sarah said...

Oh Shannie, what a beautiful story and beautiful babies! They are so blessed to have you and Dan as parents.

gringa78 said...

I love your story!! you are the bravest woman in the world!! your babies are so precious...what a beautiful end to a long and difficult journey. You are amazing.

TASA said...

Congratulations again! Pushing out 1 was hard enough... I can't imagine having to go through it again once 1 is out already! I hope you are recovering ok. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

Mrs.F said...

Woops! That comment from "TASA" is from me. Don't think there is a creepy guy saying he's pushed out a child... I didn't know Hubbs had logged in his google account before me!

Anonymous said...

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