Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Things I don't want to forget Part 1

Its inevitable- Joshua and Emma will be here in a couple days. As we prepare for their arrival, I am starting to reflect on things that I don't want to forget about the past 2 1/2 years.

Dan and I officially started trying to get pregnant in June 2007 and that journey took us all the way through April 23, 2009, which is when we found out I was pregnant. Now, almost 8 months later, our life is about ready to change in ways that I can only imagine. And before things get too crazy, I want to make sure I list out things that I cant bear to forget. So here goes:

1. The feeling of repeated dissapointment that came from trying month after month. I dont want to forget this because it has made me appreciate where I am but also to respect and have full compassion for those who are still on the journey

2. The way it felt to see 2 lines on a pregnancy test and to run with that test into the kitchen to show Dan instead of crawling into bed to cry with sadness

3. Our first ultrasound, when we saw 2 bouncy gummy bears and the deep love that I immediately felt for those two babies, who I had dreamed of for so long

4. The sheer joy that my family felt when we told them I was pregnant

5. Yelling at Dan to move faster through the grocery store so that I wouldnt hurl all over the floor during my morning sickness months

6. Dan trying to get me to move faster to the parking lot at our initial doctor appointments because if we parked for an hour or less, it was free (he has this weird, weird thing about paying for parking, lol)

7. Dan making me breakfast in bed almost every day that I've been pregnant and always setting out my prenatal vitamin before I went to bed

8. Finding out the sexes of the babies- Dan was happy to find out Emma was a girl but there was something about the look in his eye when he found out Joshua was a boy. I think his dreams of having a son to share all of life's lessons with was fufilled.

9. Watching my belly grow and grow. I remember thinking that I saw a belly at 14 weeks. Now I cant remember the last time I saw my feet when looking down

10. Feeling the babies move for the first times. It was a reminder of the great responsibility that I have in carrying them

11. Laughing everytime Dan reminds me of this toothless lady who said to me "All this walkin' is gonna be good for labor" when she saw me coming out of a store. We both say this all the time and laugh so hard

12. Just sitting in the nursery, after everything had been put together, and visualizing the babies being here. But not just being here, also growing into toddlers and then older and dreaming of everything they will become.

I put a "Part 1" after this post because I am sure I will come up with more I dont want to forget. And after E&J have been here for a few weeks, I want to make another post of the early things I dont want to forget.

Alright, Im off to take a nap. Im really relaxing over these days before the induction, which isnt easy for me. Yesterday was kinda rough- I almost made a new to-do list of things that I wanted to get done. But then I realized that I've already done everything that I really need to do so I hid the pen and paper!

Hope everyone is having a good week!


Shanny said...

Oh Shannon this is great, its easy to forget things as time passes, and this is a nice little reminder. I'm smiling at the toothless lady's comment :)

Jessica said...

I think its neat that you are making this list of things so you don't forget, I 'm sure once you have those babies it will be hard to remember life without them!!

flojat said...

I love everything about this list!

Kelly and Natalie said...

I love this post! I can relate to so many things, especially the morning sickness, hurry get through the store thing. Except mine was, I have to eat, like NOW, so I don't puke. :) I can't relate to the long journey that you faced, and it brings tears to my eyes thinking of how wonderful it is that your two little miracles will be here so soon! I'm thrilled for you, as always!

Shannon said...

Im crying reading this Shannon. Im so glad that you still remember your journey to get here. I dont ever want to forget it either..
I love you hun!! So very excited for you!
hugs and love

Kristi said...

IT is so true that you start to forget these kind of things. I never got that until our little one was here.God's blessings tomorrow!!! I will be thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers.

Sarah said...

Shannie, Shannie, Shannie, you're going to be a momma soon!!!! I'm so excited for you, and so blessed to call you my friend.

I love your list, and I love your spirit; you are going to be a fantastic mom. I can't wait to meet E&J!

LOVEDBYD said...

This is a great post. I'm keeping you in my prayers and I wish you the best of luck in the week to come as you welcome E & J!
Merry Christmas :)

From Marriage to Motherhood said...

What great things to document!! Tomorrow is the big day!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

Elisa said...

this post = perfection! shannon you always amaze me with your heart, your spirit, and your wisdom. when i grow up, i want to be just like you.