Sunday, May 24, 2009

8 weeks and The Cavs

Well, Im late with my update but here is my 8 week belly pic:

If Im being honest, my pants are alot tighter. Not tight (yet) but tighter. I look forward to the end of the day when I can put on a jersey dress or a nightgown and be more comfortable.

I am feeling ok. The nausea and food adversions are just really hard for me. I have a long, long list of food that makes me dry heave if I even think about them. I have only gotten sick a couple times and overall I am functioning normally so I am really grateful for that.

Finally in baby news, my grandpa brought over a rocker that has been in our family for 5 generations and now I will get to rock my babies in it. Its absolutely beautiful and its so special to be able to use it. Here is a picture of it in our living room. It will most likely stay here until we can clear out the nursery, which is amongst the many projects we need to do.

Finally, I have added a link from one of the coolest things in sports that I have ever seen. And listen, Im from Cleveland. We dont have many sports-related things to be excited about so this shot is pretty exciting. Lets Go Cavs!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

101 updates and "You look like..."

I was reading through my journal last night and I got a bit dissapointed with myself. I really have let my 101 list fall to the side and that doesnt sit right with me. That list is important to me and I want to continue to make efforts to do the things on my list. So within the next month, my 3 goals are to Keep my Car Cleaner (Im going to completely empty it out and get it detailed) Buy good running shoes (which should help my already aching feet) and Fly a Kite with Dan (its supposed to be BEAUTIFUL this weekend so we are planning to do it then)

In pregnancy news, I do have a minor vent. There are a fair amount of people that know I am pregant. And its really just because I was so open about my IF journey that when some people asked how the IUI went, it was hard for me to not be honest with them. Since there are these people that know, I do have alot of people who ask me how I am doing or feeling each day. I also have a select group of people who feel the need to tell me "You look like you are SO tired, so sick, so pale, so exhausted, etc" on a regular basis. Now in my defense, I check myself out in the mirror a few times a day and although I dont feel great, I dont think I look like death. Sure, I might need a haircut and maybe some lipgloss (which makes me nauseous to wear right now) but other than that, I dont think I look too bad. Maybe I'll try to get some sun this weekend or wear some bronzer so I can avoid some of these comments!

I hope everyone is having a good week!

Friday, May 15, 2009

7 Weeks and Big News

We had our first u/s today and it went good. Actually really good. We are having TWINS! Here is what happened:

They started the u/s and the tech told us that it would take a few minutes for her to get all pictures and measurements. So she starts. And keeps measuring. And keeps looking at the screen. After about 5 minutes (that felt like 20) I start getting nervous and my leg begins shaking and tears start forming in my eyes because I figure that if its taking this long, she probably cant find the baby or the sac is empty. When the nurse looks at me and sees the tears, she gives me a huge smile and puts up two fingers. TWO! I look at Dan and put up my own two fingers but he doesnt seem to get it until the tech flips the screen towards us and we see it. Two beautiful sacs with two beautiful babies. I bawled my eyes out and thanked God for this wonderful blessing!

The shock is still setting in but we are so very excited! I just cant believe this is happening!

Here is my u/s picture (for some reason it scanned in reverse, i dont know) and then my 7w belly pic. Although the u/s tech thinks I might be closer to 7w2d but they will try to date me better at my next u/s in 2 weeks.

How far along: 7w-ish

Total weight gain/loss: Im down a total of 3 lbs

Sleep: I've been pretty tired again this week but have been trying to stay up until 9.

Best moment this week: u/s- hands down

Food cravings: Food has gotten a bit better this week. I am craving watermelon and rotisserie chicken. We had both today!

Have you bought any baby stuff: Still nothing. I looked for a cute baby picture frame today to put our u/s picture in but I couldnt find one.

What I miss: Nothing right now, Im just really happy

What I am looking forward to: Showing our family the u/s picture

Weekly Wisdom: Document as much of your pregnancy as you can. I already like going back and reading the first couple days of my pregnancy journal, its cool to see how things change, even in 3 weeks!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Super Smell

I think I have become a Super-hero and my power is SUPER SMELL. I swear to you, I can smell everything and its not good. I have had to remove every air freshner and candle from my house. I cant stand the smell of cleaning supplies. For some reason, our kitchen smells like maple syrup and I cant remember the last time we used that. Dan's deoderant made me nauseous last night while we were sleeping. I swear the neighbor's had pizza last night but I cant be sure. I promise you I can smell the pine trees in our front yard and the window isnt even open. Its horrible!

If I had my choice, I would have liked to pick a different super power. Maybe flying. Or being invisible (so I could sleep under my desk) But the smell thing is threatning to make me crazy because it leads to uncontrollable dry heaving. I never thought that the smell of a cinnamon apple candle would push me over the edge, but it has.

Other than that, Im doing good and really looking forward to the u/s on Friday. Has anyone else had an u's at 7 weeks? Do you think I will get a picture print out? I so want to hang it on my fridge!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

6 weeks

Another week, another post. Yesterday was 6 weeks and I would have updated my blog then but I fell asleep so early that I didnt have time.

My nausea has set in but its still managable. I have to eat constantly. I used to be a "Eat 3 times a day" person but lately, Im eating every two hours or so, even if its a granola bar, pretzel or piece of fruit. Keeping something in my tummy helps.

I hope everyone is going good and has a wonderful weekend!

How far along: 6w1d

Total weight gain/loss: Im down a total of 4 lbs, even though Im eating alot. Im going to mention it to my doctor but Im sure everything is ok

Sleep: I've been able to stay up a bit later a few nights (i.e. 9:30) and Im sleeping in a little more

Best moment this week: Receiving my beautiful necklace, mentioned in below post

Food cravings: Um, its been a struggle to eat this week because nothing really sounds good but I had a couple days where pepperoni, canteloupe and pretzels sounded good. (but not together!)

Have you bought any baby stuff: Not yet. We might buy a little something after our first u/s but Im holding off

What I miss: Ehh, I just feel a little off. I miss not being able to cook, work around the yard or go shopping without feeling queasy.

What I am looking forward to: Still our first u/s

Weekly Wisdom: If you want something to eat (say, like a chicken sandwhich and small fry from McDonalds) get it and enjoy.

Hey you, you're a child in my head
You haven't walked yet
Your first words have yet to be said
But I swear you'll be blessed

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Friends and changing symptoms

I am blessed to have supportive and wonderful friends. I have friends I met a long time ago, friends from high school, some from college, some I met while working. Each one of my friends has such a special place in my heart and through my journey to become a mother, they have supported me unconditionally.

I also have friends I have never met. And that would be most of the people that read my blog. The people who are willing to cheer me on and have never actually looked me in the eye. Its pretty amazing. I also chat on a message board with a group of girls and those girls have become an important part of my life. A part that has picked me up when I was sad and laughed with me when I was happy. I came home the other day to find a package from them with a necklace. The necklace is a Circle of Friends necklace and it represents the never-ending friendship that comes along with true friendship. This gesture, given to me as my first Mother's Day gift, brought me to tears and it means to the world to me.

I tried to take a picture but honestly, it didnt do it justice. Here is a picture from the website:
In pregnancy news (oh wow, its weird not to say TTC news) my symptoms are changing every day. Up until Sunday, I was starving and couldnt eat enough. Then this week, the food adversions set it to pretty much everything. Its a stretch to think of anything that my body wants to eat and I am on and off nauseous all day. Its very managable thus far and I hope it stays like this and doesnt progress any further. Other than that, Im still tired and had to skip the Cavs playoff game last night because there was no way I could have stayed up until 11. (I actually didnt make it past 8, lol)

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Friday, May 1, 2009

5 weeks and New Cause of the month

I cant believe a whole week has gone by! I decided to fill out the fun pregnancy survey that everyone does but I found an altered version, seems to be geared towards the earlier weeks.

I have also included a belly pic. I didnt realize how bloated I am until I saw this picture but hey! Its my first belly pic. So enjoy!

In 101 news, I have selected a new cause of the month. My cause is Treats for Troops and its an organization that helps put together care packages for soldiers. This cause helped me reach another goal on my 101 list (which Im still doing...I've slowed, but I still think about it) Its a great way to send something to a soldier to thank them, even in a small way, for their service to our country. Here is the website:

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

How far along: 5w

Total weight gain/loss: -2lb from last week

First symptom: Crazy cramps

Who was the first person, other than DH, that you told: My sister, she was so happy

Sleep: I fall asleep really early but then Im up too early, sometimes 4 AM.

Best moment this week:Getting all my betas back and making my first u/s appt

Movement: Nothing that isnt gas, lol

Food cravings: Uncle Ben's Rice Pilaf and Sloppy Joes. I have eaten alot of both in one week

Will you find out the sex: Yes, I would like to know. Oh and I already have a boy vibe

What I miss: Nothing right now. I feel great and am just really excited to be pregnant.

What I am looking forward to: First u/s...and Bub's first trip to a Cav's playoff game in the next couple days

Weekly Wisdom: Don't let DH read too much of WTEWYE. Dan read some of it and, well, lets say he is trying to ban any lunch meat (even if I promise to warm it up) from our house.