Monday, November 30, 2009

New Pics and Where Babies Come From

Just wanted to share some pictures from Thanksgiving and a few of our Christmas Decorations. We didnt do much decorating but we did put up some things for E&J.

Our mantle with 4 stockings!

E&J's ornaments- they say "Baby's First Christmas"

Close up of one of the ornaments
Dan and I with his parents

Dan and I (and a good shot of my humungo belly)

Me, my sister and my grandma

Me and my sister

I will leave you with a video clip from one of the funniest movies, Knocked Up. Seriously? The movie is hysterical. I happened to catch this part over the weekend and was laughing so hard.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

35 weeks and being thankful

How far along? 35 weeks
Total weight gain: 33 lbs
Stretch Marks? Not yet but my tummy is really red. And it hurts.
Maternity clothes? Yes. Or Dan's t-shirts which are starting to get too tight on me
Sleep: Still sleeping good but its pretty hard to get in and out of bed
Best moment this week: Every day I make it is a good day. Im so greatful for the chance to grow them a little bigger and a little stronger each day.
Movement: Yes but its slowing down a little. I think they are running out of room.
Labor Signs: 3cm dilated, 70% effaced. I might be getting some mild contractions, feels like cramps.
Belly Button in or out? Its not in or out, its just flat, like it blends into my belly.
What I miss: Not having every part of my body ache when I walk. Or sit. Or stand.
Weekly Wisdom: As much as you want to get a million things done before your babies come, spend some time just RELAXING. I am really trying to do this because something tells me this might be the last relaxation (and dare I say sleep) I get for awhile.
Milestones: 35 weeks! And completing my giant to-do list. Aside from making some more freezer meals, I got everything done!

My 35 week picture. I look exhausted but its a good picture of the size of my belly

In honor of Thanksgiving tomorrow, I want to say what I am thankful for:
1. The opportunity to be a mother to the most amazing babies, Emma and Joshua
2. A husband who supports me and accepts me just as I am
3. A family who loves me like crazy
4. Friends (and loyal blog readers) who have been there through my ups and downs and have never given up on me
5. A roof over my head, a sweet minivan and a job thats not half bad

My life has changed in amazing ways over the past year and I am forever thankful! I hope everyone has a wonderful time with family and friends over the holiday weekend.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Progress and End of an Era

I had my 34 week OB appointment on Friday so that she could go over the ultrasound results and then do my NST, check blood pressure, etc. Everything looked good- blood pressure is in a good range, no protein my urine, babies are moving (like crazy, might I add) After all that, I had my first internal and found out that I am 3cm dilated and 70% effaced. I was kinda suprised but I do know that women can be dilated for a long time before they go into labor. My OB did advise me, however, that since I am progressing and pregnant with twins (that are most likely approaching 10 lbs together) that its likely I will continue to progress.

I still want to make it until 38 weeks but right now, my new goal is 36 weeks, which is 9 days away. Its also a full moon, so maybe that will be it?! :)

Also, this weekend represented the End of an Era. When I graduated college, I bought a brand new Jetta and this weekend, we traded it in towards the 2010 Honday Odyssey that we purchased. Dont get me wrong, I actually lvoe the Odyssey, its a great car and I think its going to be good for us as a family, but it made me a bit nostaligic to get rid of the first (well and the only) car I bought on my own. Dan has been driving it for the past 5 years since I have a company car, but I guess I always thought of it as my car.

Here is a picture from when I bought the car in 2001- my friend Amy and I got the same car.
And here is a picture right before we went to trade it in

Pictures of the Odyssey and my growing belly will be coming soon. I swear, my belly grows by the day. All of a sudden, none of my t-shirts (which I was previously squeezing into) fit. Gotta love growing babies!

Have a good week!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

34 weeks

Another week, another post. I will be 34 weeks tomorrow but since I had my LAST growth ultrasound today, I thought I would update.

The ultrasound went great. Both babies had adequate fluid levels and their heartbeats were right on target. They were both practicing breathing- we could see their little diaphrams/lungs moving up and down (or in and out, lol) They both listened to their mother and stayed head down so I was happy about that. The specialist told me that based on their size and gestation, its not likely they will flip at this point.

In regards to size, Emma has closed the weight gap on Joshua. Emma is 4 lbs 9 oz and Joshua is 4 lbs 12 oz. For those of you that are adding, thats 9lbs 5 oz of babies! We were very happy with their weights and their progress, its pretty exciting to make it to 34 weeks.

I meet with my OB at the end of the week to establish my final plan for the induction, that is unless the babies have ideas of their own. Id like to make it until 38 weeks, of course, but if they decided to come around 37 weeks, Id be ok with that, too. I guess we'll see how the next 4 weeks go.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

33 Weeks

I just dont understand how I am 5 weeks (or maybe less but hopefully not too much less) away from having our sweet babies, Joshua and Emma. It almost doesn't feel real. There are so many emotions involved as we prepare ourselves for the biggest change of our lives. Im nervous, Im excited, Im scared but most of all, I feel blessed. Im going to be a mom soon! And to TWO babies! Wow, how did I get to be so lucky?

I have been doing alot to get ready for the babies- I washed their NB clothes, washed sheets, bought a few weeks worth of diapers, and organized every last cabinet in our house. Im also working on freezer meals this weekend and we have our hospital tour. Im trying to do as much as I can, within reason, before I get too tired to do it. That time will be here before I know it- I got winded today ironing my clothes and then putting them on, so sad!

Here is my 33 week belly picture and a few pictures of the nursery. I know I posted some in progress pictures before but these are the completed pictures. Dan and I both love the nursery.

The closet

Rocker, Dresser, shelf and quote

Full Room (My friend Tara did the letters over the crib)

And my belly at 33 weeks. I notice (and feel!) a big difference in one week.

Have a great week!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Baby Joshua got the hiccups last night! I was in bed and felt him kicking so I put my hand on my tummy. After awhile, the kicking stopped but then I felt it- a constant and little "blip" that continued at a regular pace for about 10 minutes. It had to be hiccups and it was so cute! Now Im on a mission to catch Ms Emma with the hiccups, lol.

Hope everyone is having a good week- one more day until TGIF!

When I raise my hands, bow my head
I'm finding more and more truth in the words written in red
They tell me that there's more to life than just what i can see
I believe

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

32 Weeks

Im 32 weeks tomorrow, I cant believe it! Its amazing to think that in 6 short weeks (or less) the babies will be here.

I dont have much to report. My doctor's appointment this week went good and my OB is happy with how I am doing. Once again, everything looks good- weight, blood pressure, baby movement, etc. I feel so fortunate that I have made it this far without any complications.

Here is my newest belly picture. I have quickly started to outgrow my current size shirts in Maternity sizes. I guess Im going to have to purchase one size up, I was hoping to get away with my existing maternity wardrobe but it looks like the babies (and my belly) have other ideas!
How far along? 32 weeks
Total weight gain: 26 lbs
Stretch Marks? Not yet but I did add another inch to my belly!
Maternity clothes? As mentioned above, I need to buy some new shirts. Or invest in a mumu.
Sleep: I am still sleeping good but the peeing thing has changed to hourly at times, lovely
Best moment this week: Im trying to remember everything about these last 6 weeks. I've listened to their heartbeats, read them books, sang songs. Its been nice.
Movement: Tons but its not so much kicking anymore. Its long, drawn out movements from one side of my belly to another.
Labor Signs: Not yet but braxton hicks are still in force
Belly Button in or out? Its mostly out
What I miss: Being able to tie my shoes. Or shave my legs.
Weekly Wisdom: Learn the "Nod and Smile" which is what I do to 75% of the people who offer me advice (note- this does not apply to friends and family, I appreciate that advice)
Milestones: 32 weeks feels like an awesome accomplishment for twins. Im going to be thankful for each day from here on out that I can keep these babies inside!

"I love you all the way to the moon and back"