Thursday, January 28, 2010

6 weeks

I wanted to do another installment of "Things I dont want to forget, the Emma and Joshua version" especially since today is their 6 week birthday. So here goes:


1. She has started to make little noises like "Owww" and "Ewww" and she sounds so cute when she does it.

2. Her hair has started to grow in even more and her hairline has moved down in the front. Oh and her eyebrows have come in, too!

3. Emma is a great sleeper. She loves to be swaddled and if you toss in her pacifier and the white noise machine, she is out.

4. She has been going through a spit-up phase, which is frustrating for me because Im afraid not enough is staying in. But she is getting wet and soiled diapers and is feeling heavier so the pediatrician isnt worried yet.

5. Although Dan wasn't keen on the whole "little princess" idea, Emma has started to become one. She loves to be held (and oftentimes screams when we put her down) and all she has to do is look at us with those big eyes and we both melt.

6. Everyone has told me that Emma looks like me. I can kinda see it but it will be interesting to see how they both change as they get older.

7. Dan and I call Emma "Peanut" She is so compact and always curls up like a little peanut.


1. Joshua is super-intense. He likes to just stare at you and study your face. Most of the time when I put him on my chest, I can see him raising his head to still try to get a look at me.

2. I took him to the pedi today because his belly button never healed properly. They had to put some silver nitrate on it and he will be good as new in 7-10 days.

3. Although Josh is currently pretty bald on top, i just noticed a "5-o'clock shadow" on his head. Yep, thats right, the hair is coming back! And this would be a good time to confess. So I might have been the one that rubbed Joshua's hair off. I was, um, putting lotion on his dry head and Im pretty sure I rubbed it off. I feel better coming clean. And I feel even better that its coming back!

4. We used to call Josh "Pokey" because he was so slow at eating. Well not anymore! He can finish a 3-4 oz bottle in 10-15 minutes. He has also started breastfeeding more but honestly, he prefers the bottle so I spend the extra time pumping so that I can feed him that way.

5. Joshua isn't a big fan of sleeping. Now he has no problem going down for a nap but he just lies there. With his eyes open and just stares. Dan and I joke that he is afraid he will miss something so he stays awake. He does eventually fall asleep but it just takes him alot longer.

6. Even though it makes me sad, he can't fit in alot of his newborn clothes anymore. Some of the stuff (sleepers) are ok but the onesies? Forget about it. He is too long and too wide so I will have to pack up some of his stuff this weekend.

7. Dan and I call Joshua "Beanie" as in string bean. He is so long and when I put him on my chest, his body stretches from my shoulders well into my lap. He is built like his mom and dad!

Here are some pictures:



My Babies

Well thats all for now. Thanks for checking out my updates!


Shannon said...

I love these posts! It really shares the personality of Emma and Joshua. Even though I have never seen them, I feel like I know them so well!
Love it!
Great pictures:-) They are growing so fast.

Jesse and Mandy Peterson said...

Love it! I always enjoy hearing about your growing babies.

Lindsay said...

So sweet! Love the "how cute am I" shirt!

Anne said...

Awww they are so cute. I think that it is SO cool that you got one boy and one girl!

Jessica said...

I think it great that you are documenting their little personalities!!

Oh and thanks for saying that my old RE is a "douchebag". It made me laugh out loud. That word is so fitting!!

Danse said...

They're so cute!

And don't worry - you didn't rub the hair off ;o) Both my girls had male pattern baldness around that time (luckily it didn't last long).

Also - I have say, personality wise Josh sounds a lot like Delaney. Was he A or B (Just curious). Delaney was A ;o)

*Mandy* said...

They are so beautiful!!

The Lane Family said...

These posts are awesome!! Having been a mom of twins I know how hard it is to find time to do everything including a great post like this...but I also know that these moments pass way to fast and it is great to record them!!

Aidan used to spit-up all the time as well and I always wondered if we were feeding him enough..but my doctor told me if you could really put everything in a cup and measure it, it would not be as much as you think...maybe true but it still makes you wonder!!

They are so cute and sweet!!!!

Brittney said...

I love hearing updates on your precious babies!!! Thanks for sharing:)

Hope said...

They are so cute!

Megan said...

You sound like me with being in denial about them growing out of their smallest clothes. I also think that boys don't fall asleep as easily as girls.
Love the updates and seeing those beautiful faces all the time. LOVE the baby smiles. Nothing better than a 1million watt smile in the morning when they wake up!

Benitta said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Sarah said...

You're doing a GREAT job with them! They look happy, healthy, and are cuter than ever.