Monday, January 11, 2010

Product Reviews

Well since I've been a mom all of 3 weeks and 4 days, I wanted to give my input on some of the baby items we have loved. Im doing this now because honestly, I dont want to forget to share this info and feel like if I wait any longer, I will. So here goes:


1. Carter's Receiving Blankets- we have a bunch of other kinds, too, but these are hands down the best. They are soft and large. Love them.

2. Medela Tender Care Lanolin. I know alot of people use Lanisoh for their nipple cream but I prefer this one. It spreads easier and provides me more comfort.

3. Disposable Breast Pads WITH the sticky back that helps stick to your bra. I have these:

They are cheaper than alot of the other kinds but they stay in your bra better with the sticky back.

4. Fisher Price Soothing Seahorse- The babies LOVE this thing. We have the seahorses and then we have the Playskool glow worms and all of them entertain E&J.

5. The Germ Guardian- I keep this in our bedroom and I can drop pacifiers and nipples in it to sanitize. This has saved me so much time!

6. For bottles, since Joshua is drinking BM via bottles, I love the Playtex drop-ins and the Avent bottles. I know that the Avent bottles dont always get good reviews (leaking) but I have never had that problem with them and for awhile, it was the only bottle Josh would drink out of.

7. Dreft stain spray- I have been spraying all of the spit up from E&J's clothes and blankets before I put them in the hamper and none of them have stained. Im not using Dreft detergent (using All Free and Clear- cheaper) but using the stain spray helps give the clothes a great smell.

8. Cloth diapers- these really do make the best burp clothes. They are big and absorbent. The other best burp clothes I have are some flannel receiving blankets that I cut into squares. Someone passed down some blankets to me and I didnt need anymore but I did need more burp clothes. These work great.

9. Medela PISA breast pump- I am so glad I purchased one instead of renting. This one is easy to move around with and has great suction. I also highly recommend getting extra sets of the pump parts and bottles so that you dont have to wash all the time. I have 3 sets.

10. Diaper sacks. I actually found some at the Dollar Tree (of all places!) and its a box of 75 for a dollar. They are scented just like the more expensive ones. I put one on the changing table and I am able to put 4-6 diapers in it before I have to take the sack to the garbage and throw it out. I keep the bag tightly closed between changings and honestly, it keeps the smell in. I am VERY sensitive to smells but our nursery doesnt stink when I leave the bag on the changing table.

In addition to these items, the only other things we really needed to come home from the hospital were our car seats, the pack n play and diapers. We use the bouncy chairs often but they dont really soothe the babies, although they do like to sit in them. We have yet to buy a swing and have not missed it.

A few other items that we dont have or dont use are:

1. Boppy pillow- I actually do not use a pillow for breastfeeding, maybe because E&J are still small. Now we do use them to prop the babies up for sitting, so I am glad we have them, but I dont use them for feeding

2. Bundleme. I really thought I would love these but they seem to overwhelm the babies and I cant get a good fit with the car seat straps

3. Wipe warmers- these seem like a huge waste to me. The wipes arent that cold

4. Bottle warmers- I feed Josh his BM at room temp. If it is in the fridge for some reason, I just run it under hot water for a few minutes

5. Huggies diapers- These are ok on Emma but they leak ever.single.time on Josh

6. Diaper Genie- see above set up with the diaper sacks. I swear to you, it works wonders.

7. Any kind of timer, like the Itzbeen. All I have is a notebook, where I track each feeding and poo/pee. I also have a column to track how much breastmilk I pump. Its nothing fancy but its easy and it does the job.

Alright, so thats what I have so far. Just wanted to share!


Blessed said...

i agree with wipe warmers i would just put them in between my chest to take the chill off but nah no need

and also good to know about the diaper sack we do have the diaper champ or genie i forgot which one an dlike it but the bags are so expensive we dont use them so then its kinda smelly i will have to try dollar tree!

Amy said...

Thanks! I always love reading these because even though I still have a lot of time, I'm overwhelmed with all the choices for baby products!

The Lane Family said...

What a great review of items. I even found a new one I could use and that is the diaper baggies. Great idea!!

One more thing you will want to start thinking about is a double stroller. I have tried a couple different types and have owned two types. The one I currently own is AWESOME and is the best so far!! When you are ready or when I can remember to get the name off of it I will tell you about it. It works from when they are in their infant carriers all the way up until 40 pounds.

Kristen said...

Thanks for this post! Now I'm off to add stuff to my registry ;)

gringa78 said...

Thanks for the registry ideas!!! So helpful. :)

Grasso10 said...

I think it has to be something with Huggies and boys! We couldn't use them either-Pampers on our boy!

Mrs.F said...

Huggies never worked on Gianna until she got to size 2! They always leaked in the other sizes for some reason.
You have 2 awards waiting for you in my blog!

Sarah said...

Shannie, put your pump parts in a Tupperware and then you can store them in the fridge between pumpings. They stay sanitary that way and you don't have to wash ALL.THE.TIME. I wash at the end of the day.

Make sure you're pointing J's peen down when you put him in a diaper. Boys are tricky because they'll pee UP the diaper.

Rachel H. said...

I love reading reviews from mom's out there...especially new mom's. I will definitely post my review, as well.

Brittney said...

Awww. I know nothing about any of these, LOL! But I'll have to come back to your post in a few months. Thanks for sharing!:)

Megan said...

I have to agree with the uselessness of wipe warmers. If the wipes feel colder than I know anthony likes, I'll put the wipe in my hand before I start pulling off the diaper and by the time we get to needing the wipe, its nice and warm. Plus I've heard they burn the bottom wipes. Seems like such a waste.
I'm curious what kind of diapers you do use. Anthony had a lot of problems in the beginning with diapers (I think it was the pampers but they work perfectly now) but we marked that up to the petroleum jelly we had to put on his circ and the front of the diaper. We would have to change bassinet sheets 2-3 times a night they would be so wet.
Also, I just want to turn you on to a nursing pad that works great if you tend to leak a lot during the day. The Lansinoh ultra soft are HUGE and hold a lot of milk. I use them when I know I'm going to be around a lot of kids screaming.
Now I wanna do my own product review on my blog! :D