Thursday, January 21, 2010

Some things Id like to forget

I know I did a couple posts about Things I Don't Want to Forget. Well this post is dedicated to the things I could do without. Call it whining or complaining but there are some "not so glamourous" things about being a mom and if these things never happened again, I wouldn't mind. So here goes:

1. Where the heck is my bladder control? I really wish I would have heeded the reminders to do my daily kegels because I currently have to pee as often as I did when I was pregnant. And I am lucky if I don't pee my pants. Thats right, I said it. Pee my pants. Because its happened. Lovely.

2. I always wanted larger boobs but not ones that ache all.the.time. I guess its because I am feeding both E&J and pumping 8 times a day but I swear I don't get relief for long after I nurse. I won't complain much about this because Im glad to have an adequate supply for twins but man!

3. Why is it that both my babies know exactly when I remove the diaper from their bottom? Because both of them have peed and poo'd the second I have removed the dirty diaper and am quickly trying to get the clean diaper in place. It cant be more than 2 seconds but in that time, they have both dirtied me, the changing table and themselves.

4. How is it that E&J know when I have made myself something to eat? I can assure you I have not eaten a meal without holding a baby since we have been home from the hospital and it stinks. Im hungry!

5. I sometimes wonder why I even bother showering or putting on clean clothes. Because as soon as I do, someone pukes on me. The other day, I washed my hair in anticipation of going to the grocery store (im lame) and as I was burping Emma, she harfed all over my shoulder and hair. Yum.

So thats my list. Im still loving being a mom but wow, its hard. Its a contant lesson in patience and in multi-tasking. I have found that I am able to nurse Emma, pump on the other side and rock Joshua in the pack n' play using my foot- all at the same time!

Its funny because I always loved the song "It wont be like this for long" by Darius Rucker but the song has become more than just a song to me. Its like my mantra. I use it to remind myself to appreciate every moment. But oftentimes I use it so that I don't lose my mind! I repeat it over and over when its 2 AM and E&J are both screaming like crazy.

Alright, I've used up most of my ME time on writing this entry. Hope everyone is enjoying their week!


Jesse and Mandy Peterson said...

Oh yeah! I identify with ALL of this. At one point, I was pumping every 2 hours. I'd pump for a whole hour and then stop and start up one hour later... all day and night long. I got really good at feeding Josiah with a bottle in one hand and pumping on the other side. I also eat one handed all of the time. I've gotten pretty good at balancing corn on a fork and not spilling it :-) I know I was a mess for the first month or so. I probably showered once a week and was in my p.j.'s constantly, and always covered in spit up. It's pure survival mode at that point. It does get easier, but it's true that you'll miss it one day. Josiah is now 5 months old and while I LOVE that he's laughing and "talking" and rolling over, he's not the tiny newborn baby in my arms anymore. I see his newborn outfits and can't believe how tiny they are. I try to just treasure each and every stage (so far) and take lots of pictures and videos and write things down because it really doesn't last for long.

Sarah said...

Oh hon, I so hear you(except on the kegeals thing; I've got pelvic floor muscles of steel after all my kegals).

My boobs stopped hurting all the time around 12 weeks. The horrific engorgement ended then, and everything fell in to place.

It is all a process and is wonderful, but I promise thing to improve even more very soon.

Kelly and Natalie said...

The bladder thing gets better! There were so many times, I'd think, yeah, I'm busy, I can totally hold it. OH WAIT, no I can't! And then I peed on myself. Cool. No one ever told me that would happen, but it makes complete sense!

And you are totally allowed to have some kind of mush or gunk on you at all times. I don't even get embarrassed about it anymore. LOL

Hang in there, you're doing great, and we have all been there! :)

mtendere said...

My husband and I were bleary-eyed in the nursery at 3am soon after Sophia's arrival. He was cup feeding her while I was pumping because we couldn't get her to latch and my milk hadn't come in fully. That Darius Rucker song came on and we were both sobbing in no time. It's actually one of my most treasured moments because it reminded us to treasure that difficult moment.

And I reached an all-time low one day when I had just breastfed her in the car and she threw up all in my hair, down my shirt, and in my bra. I can laugh now, but I just wanted to cry - but I had to wipe things off and go on with my day, instead!

Hang in there. I can only imagine everything being twice as difficult with TWO babies!!

Kristi said...

It will all get better in time. Soon they will be wanting some of your food when you make it!! :o)

Danse said...

I can so relate. To every word.

One day I was all excited to take a walk outside. I showered, I got dressed - go peed on. Got changed - got barfed on. Then I went to eat lunch and managed to spill pizza sauce all over myself and the couch. Needless to say that used up all the clothes I fit in so the walk didn't happen.

Some days are just harder than others :o/

Elizabeth said...

suggestion for diapering :) open the clean, new diaper and put it under the baby when the dirty diaper is still on him or her. E or J may still destroy this second diaper, but it may save some other things!

Kim said...

I think babies have radars. They know EXACTLY when mommy and daddy sit down to eat!

The Lane Family said...

First I will say AMEN to all of things you have said and I have been there 3 times and have felt those things with both pregnancies, though more with the twins :)

I remember one day sitting in the NICU trying to breastfeed and was just crying because they would not both stay latched. A wise NICU nurse who happened to be the mom of 5 kids (2 sets of spontaneous twins). Told me that in about 6 months I would begin to feel much better and would actually feel like I had a life again.

It seemed like that day would never come when they were both crying and I was dealing with a special needs twin, but it really did happen. Are there still tough days..Yes but it does get better and different.

Hang in there and make sure you make a little time for yourself it makes you a better mom, woman and wife :)

lovealways6565 said...

shannon i soo kn hatyou mean. s they get older and strt walking i gets harder! lol. :)Keep up the good wrk!

gringa78 said...

You are not just taking care of a're taking care of TWO! You're amazing and a fantastic should see if you can get out the door for some grocery shopping and sneak a little 15 minute pitstop in Starbuck's ALONE.

Tara White said...

Shannon, i completely know where you are coming from. I clearly remember talking to you on the phone not long after Parker was born and I think I told you to enjoy not having kids for the time being because I was so overwhelmed. Now i think about it and I was totally insensitive since you were trying to get pregnant. Sorry.
I think the first 3 months seemed to drag on and then time begins to fly. Especially since you are exhausted and the babies are up at ungodly hours of the night. It does get better.
My advice to you about the changing thing...try the clean diaper underneath or put a baby wash cloth over them as soon as you take off the diaper. they absorb a lot of pee and save you time cleaning up. That works for a little boy, not sure about a girl? Parker pooped in the bathtub yesterday after i was done washing him. It was a mess and JR couldn't clean it up because it made him gag. I laughed! You will get used to looking like crap, I still get cheesy baby prints on my clothes all the time. yikes, being a mom is so glamorous.

Megan said...

Once they get past the 6-8w mark, things even out a lot with the milk supply. That's awesome you are able to nurse twins so well though. As for the rest, seems you got everything figured out. Adam and I eat in shifts or he makes my plate and brings it to me and I'll eat while nursing. But then again I only have one so I dunno if that would work for you. Otherwise, we do all we can to try and get him to sleep or make him content before I sit down to eat. Don't worry, he still freaks about 2 bites into my cereal. I just rock him in his chair and talk to him inbetween bites. GL, but you are doing AWESOME

Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

Slide the new, open diaper underneath their butt when the old diaper is still on and fastened. Then open the old and slide it out. The NICU nurses taught me that trick and it has saved me from getting peed and pooped on many times, already!

Benitta said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Aja said...

I stumbled across your blog and I have to comment on this post. I totally wrote one (or a few) very similar to this when my one-year-old was a newborn. It's amazing how similar the experience is! It's so oversaid, but it does get better. And you do kind of forget how hard it is...I must have, or I wouldn't be having two 19 months apart, right?!? Take care!!