Thursday, March 25, 2010


Wow, Im a bad blogger- its been over a week since my last post. In my defense, I've been super busy. I am doing ok being back at work but its still hard to balance E&J, work, housework, Dan, me and my other part time job. Pumping. Yep, I am still at it and have basically became an Exclusive Pumper. Here's how it happened.

I had this perfect vision of nursing one baby in the morning, nursing another baby at night and then pumping during the day. I was able to do that the first week back to work but I was struggling to pump enough during the day. E&J both eat between 25-30 oz (normally around 27) per day each. I quickly realized that the best time for me to pump and get alot was in the morning. So instead of nursing in the morning, I switched to pumping so I could take advantage of the 12-15 oz I was able to get. I figured "hey, no big deal" because I can still nurse at night. Well around this time, E&J went to eating every 4 hours during the day, so they were taking 5-6 oz per bottle. I would try to nurse one of them after work and since I could only nurse on one side (because two babies=one side per baby) they both seemed frustrated because, honestly, I don't think they could get enough or it wouldn't come fast enough since they were used to the bottle.

So I had to make a decision. Was it still important for me for E&J to get breastmilk? And I decided that it is. And with that decision, I have become a full-time pumper.

My schedule to pump looks like this:

5:30 AM- First pump of the day
9:00- Second
12:00- Third
3:00- Fourth
6:30- Fifth
8:30- Sixth
10:15- Last

Thats right. 7 times per day. Its the only way I am able to get anywhere over 40 oz which I feel like is a good amount for E&J- 20 oz per baby but normally its a bit more than that. The rest is supplemented with formula.

I am not sure how much longer I can keep up with this but my new goal is 4 months. I will re-evaluate from there.

In other updates, Emma and Joshua are doing great! Joshua has started this thing where he just does not want to sleep during the day. So sometimes he is up from 2 in the afternoon until 8 at night. He just chills out and unless he is hungry, he really isn't fussy. I try so hard to get him down for a nap when I pick him up for work but he is just not having it. Sometimes he will nap in the swing but most of the time, he just wants to hang out. Since he still goes down to bed fine and sleeps through the night, Im just going to let it go. For now.

Emma, on the other hand, loves sleeping. Loves it. She takes a nap after every feeding without a problem. She also loves sucking on her thumb, mostly when she is going to bed. We swaddle at night and every night this week, she has broken out of it. Not because she doesn't like to be swaddled but because she wants her thumb. I normally don't wake up to the sounds of her crying in the morning to be fed. I wake up to the sound of crazy sucking and slurping as she works to get her thumb in her mouth. Makes me laugh every time.

Ok, I am going to be better about blogging especially since I have a new blog design coming. Be super excited! Can't wait to unveil it and rave about the person who designed it, she did a great job!

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week!


Lindsay said...

That is quite a schedule!! Glad you are able to make it work!

Shannon said...

I think its awesome that your able to work, be a wife, be a mother and maintain a healthy pumping schedule! WTG!
Love the new pics, they are just so precious
Cant wait to see the new blog!!

Amy said...

you are a trooper! my hat's off to you! i envy you for all that you are able to and do it sanely!

flojat said...

Look at that smirk in the last picture! Love it!

I am in completely awe of the schedule you're keeping right now. Wow.

Lindsey said...

omg ADORABLE pics. Those overalls are to die for.
And you rock for pumping so much, seriously!

Kristi said...

Wow! I can't imagine pumping that often. Way to stick with it. And those pictures??? ADORABLE!! Love the overalls!

Mrs. Hoppy said...

You are awesome - I'm so impressed! The new pictures are adorable too!

Anonymous said...

You're a pumping machine!!! That last pic of Josh is so dang cute! And the overalls on both of them are to die for!

Jeannie said...

I am super proud of you for making it this long bf'ing twins! Seriously! That's a seriously dedicated pumping schedule!

They are adorable!

Christine said...

Busy schedule, but the benefits are tremendous.

Congrats on your beautiful family!

Jessica said...

Pumping 7 times a day....that is impressive!!

Jesse and Mandy Peterson said...

Welcome to the world of exclusive pumping! I did it for over 5 months. It wasn't always easy, but it worked for me. I actually would pump every 2 hours at one point in time, sometimes pumping for an hour and taking an hour break before pumping again. It was time consuming and exhausting, but it was important for me to give Josiah breastmilk. Now, I wasn't working outside of home at this point nor did I have twins, but I made it 5.5 months. I think a goal of 4 months is healthy and then re-evaluating it.

Your kids are as cute as always!

Kismet21 said...

I pump 7 times a day too AND I don't work. You are amazing. For my effort, I get about 20oz and we supplement the rest with formula too.

Congrats for keeping it up! I know how hard it is.

Mrs.F said...

Wow you are committed! That's great. It's so good for them & you are doing such an amazing job with pumping for two!

The Lane Family said...

That is great that you are able to work pumping into your busy day.

I would not worry to much about Josh because if he sleeps well at night..yeah!! One of my girls also started not taking an afternoon nap after about 3 or so in the afternoon but slept fine. It was around the same age. It will change again :)

I LOVE their overalls they are so darn cute!! I think overalls on girls or boys are just fun and cute!!

Tara White said...

ok that picture of Joshua with the hat is the cutest thing ever! i love it.
i need to see them in person. i know you are busy getting back into work but once the weather is nice, we will get together. miss ya

Sarah C said...

Love the photos!

You're doing an amazing job with the pumping! I'm ready to shoot myself after pumping 4 times a day for the last year - hats off for doing it 7 times a day.

If it gets to the point where it is too much, there is nothing wrong with formula a few times a day, and pumping less than 7 times.

osuraj said...

Love the new blog design! And good for you for trying to get your babies breastmilk anyway you can. I think it's hard enough with 1, I can't imagine trying to do it with twins! Hang in there!

Stephanie said...

OMG they are SOOOO cute! I also love the new blog design. :) The pupming is SO much work, you are doing an amazing job! I nurse before and after work, but only was able to pump twice at work during the day. I dropped those pumps last month. Pumping is so much work, so you are right, you have three jobs! Keep up the good work, you are an amazing mama!

Jess said...


I'm so glad that the pumping is working out. Exhausting I know, but GO SHAN!