Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Whats going on?

Just realized that I have not done an installment of "Things I Don't Want To Forget" in awhile so I thought I would do one today. Especially since they seem to change so much all the time, sometimes I barely recognize them when I pick them up after work. So here goes:


1. Even though he is such a long baby and I'd love for him to play basketball like his daddy, its quite possible that the kid might be a soccer player. Man, does he love to kick. When he is laying on a blanket or in his crib, he just kicks and kicks. And it really picks up when he is happy, he flails around like crazy.

2. Both E&J love when I make noises like "Ohhhh" and "Owwww" but Joshua is really into it. The other day at my parents house, I would say "Owwww" and Joshua would reply with a "Wooop" He did it about 5 times a in row and we were all howling from laughter, it was so funny.

3. I bought a swing the other day and Josh loves it. He can be kinda fussy and then I put him in it and he gets this little smile and calms down.

4. Joshua is up to eating 6 oz of food every 4 hours during the day for a total of 30 oz per day over 5 feedings. One feeding is still a nursing session and he is still doing good with that.

5. I tried to put Josh in the Bumbo and he actually could sit up in it but wasn't a huge fan. Maybe in a couple more weeks!


1. This kid is on the move. She is desperately trying to roll over and I find her sleeping on her side quite often. (Which of course makes me so nervous!) Even though she is in her crib alone now, she still is moving 45 degrees to her left all the time and is starting to inch herself forward and backward, too.

2. While Joshua makes alot of noise when we interact with him, Emma is always just babbling to herself. She coos and makes "Ohhhh" sounds, even when no one else is listening.

3. Emma loves to watch things. She is a HUGE fan of the bears on the mobile over the pack n' play and she becomes hysterical when they quit moving and the music stops. There are similar bears on the swing I bought and although she is not a huge fan of the swing, she will go in it just to see those stinkin' bears.

4. Emma's eating habits might be my punishment for being a bad eater as a baby. When I was nursing her exclusively (with a bottle here and there) she ate like a champ. Not that she mostly has bottles, we are struggling big time. She also eats every 4 hours but the amounts range from 3 oz (because she just won't eat) to 6 oz (when she is really hungry) Oh and then there was the night that she ate 8 oz. Go figure. She averages about 25 oz a day and although I worry this is not enough, she is completely happy and content with plenty of wet and dirty diapers.

5. Since her head control is better, Emma loved the bumbo. She actually cried when I took her out of it so I put her back in and sat there with her longer.

I can't believe E&J will be 12 weeks in a couple days. I look at them and am amazed at how quickly they grow and change. I also thank God every day for healthy and happy babies, they are such a blessing.

Here are some photos. Hope everyone has an awesome week!

Josh- and yes, the bumbo is purple and the blanket is pink.

Ready to go to Dan's parent's house

Sleeping on Daddy

The only way Emma will take a bath

Smiley Joshua

Emma where her onesie from my friend, Elisa

Yes, sometimes I have to feed her this way

Chilling in the swing

My Beautiful, Precious Babies


Mrs. Alex P said...

So cute! If Emma loves a warm wash cloth on her during bath time you should look into getting her a bath luve, if you haven't already. My son LOVES his frog!


Anne said...

Awwww great pictures!!! I especially love the last one, sooo cute!! They are getting big.

Anonymous said...

OMG, love that last picute. That pic with Emma in the bath cracks me up. We have those same wash cloths, and they seem so tiny now, but look so huge on Emma. <3

Mrs. B said...

They get cuter by the day! I love that pic of them in the car seats! So adorable!

Lindsay said...

Sooo cute!!

tara White said...

They are so adorable. I love all the pictures. Parker took all his naps in his swing until he was over a year old. he loved that darn thing. Sometimes i wish he'd still fit in it. On the other hand, he hated the bumbo. Never used it. it's funny how one baby likes one thing and hates the next. They are getting so big and you can see their personalities starting to develop.

Jeannie said...

They couldn't be cuter!!

Jessica said...

I love that last picture of them....so sweet!!

Elisa said...

what great pictures! and Emma looks adorable in the onesie - so happy you like it! :)

flojat said...

I can't believe how great you look, hun! And I want to squish the cheeks on the gorgeous little babies. Love them!

Kismet21 said...

Ok, I love the bath picture.

A said...

They are absolutely beautiful!!

The Lane Family said...

They are just growing and changing and so many fun things are happening. Once again thank heavens for blogs to keep track of it all.

I love the picture of you feeding Miss Emma, obviously this is a girl that has her own mind and her own opinion this could be good :) I have one like this and the "terrible two's are already startin" :)

I really like the picture of Josh in the bumbo..he looks a little uncomfortable but he is trying:)

The pictures are great and your kis are so cute and beautiful!!

Shanny said...

Ahhhh I think its great when you do these posts to remember those little things! The last pic is adorable =)

Ro said...

I love them, Shan! So cute!

You look great!!!

Rachel H. said...

They are too cute, and I love these posts! You all look great! And Weston loves just staring at things too, and he talks to himself a lot also! It's so funny how they like different things!

Megan said...

LOVE the updates on the little things they do and the photos. They are growing and you can see more and more personality every time!