Friday, April 16, 2010

4 months

Emma and Joshua are another month older! We've noticed a lot of changes in the past month so of course its time for another installment of "Things I Don't Want To FOrget"


1. Her best friend? Her thumb. She loves it. Mostly her right thumb but if she can't shove that one in there, the left will also suffice. I always know when she is up because I can hear her slurping

2.Another funny thumb story is that she sucks her thumb to fall asleep. Once she falls asleep, the thumb slowly falls out of her mouth and rests on her lip. But if she wakes back up, she will slurp it right back in. Its so funny.

3. Emma has also learned to scream. Not like when she is mad or wants to eat, but when she is happy, too. So she might be swinging and then all of a sudden remembers she has a voice and she will start using it. Its cute- sometimes, lol.

4. She is eating 25-27 oz a day. A few days she will surprise me and eat more but its been pretty consistent

5. I have been holding her up to the mirror a lot and she likes to look at me in the mirror. She will catch my eye and smile. But when she sees herself, she gets so shy. She will bow her head or sometimes turn it into my chest.

6. Emma's eyes are still blue and even though I know they can still change colors, they are so beautiful. She opens them up so wide when she looks at you. She also lifts up her eye brows a lot and it gives her this sweet, innocent look


1. He would love to suck his thumb but he can't quite get it in his mouth. He balls his hand into a fist and then moves the first around in front of his face, sometimes missing his mouth. He doesn't get frustrated but he does just give up after awhile

2. Although he rolled on Easter and a few times in the days after, he has not done it again but he wants to. He gets up on his side and teeters there before dropping back onto his back

3. He is quite smitten with me, which of course I love. He has this way of just staring at me and then when I look up, he will give me a smile. If I look away, he waits until I look again and then he smiles. He also cranes his neck to see me wherever I am.

4. Josh is eating between 27-30 oz per day. But he is sloooowww and he fights eating. He will turn his head side to side but then when we take the bottle away, he screams. I have tried different bottles, faster nipples, burping him, etc and it doesn't work. He is just a fussy eater.

5. He laughs all the time. He still has that throaty-gulp kind of laugh and he almost always laughs when he hears me laugh, its so cute!

6. I've been doing this thing where I get close to E&J and say "Im going to get you" and then I move in closer and kiss their faces, etc. Well Josh loves this and he can anticipate the kisses. Once I say "Im going to get you" and move in, he opens his mouth wide, starts squealing and kicks his feet.

I survived my first night away but wow, I was so excited to get back! Im glad I only have one more overnight trip for work for the rest of the year so thats good.

Dan and I are taking 4 month pictures of E&J this weekend and their 4 month appointment is on Wednesday. I will be sure to post some more updates then. Have a good weekend!


Carly said...

they are just so cute- I love how each has their own persnality that shines through- and woooah- 4 months already???

Kismet21 said...

They look great! And are both very cute I might add.

The Lane Family said...

First off they are so cute and I love Josh's says it all from what you posted about loving his mommy!!

I love how Emma knows where her thumb is and when she needs it, it comes right back into her mouth even when sleeping!!!

Second, we had a lot of problems with Avery and eating. She has some fairly significant GI issues which I am sure Josh does not. But she does deal with reflux and she would do the same thing Josh does about fighting the bottle but still wanting it. You may want to ask about reflux and tell your pediatrician about this when you go in. A little bit of zantac or pepcid may be the answer to make his eating easier on his tummy.

Mommy Glow said...

the twins are adorable! i always said i wanted twins...but i know i couldnt handle it! keep up the good work!!

Megan said...

OMG I think that J looks JUST like you! And E, OMG what a sweetie. You got some good looking kids there!
As for cereal, Anthony didn't like it the first time and didn't like it as much until I made it as thick as the 1st foods. Then he ate it like crazy. He'll slurp down the pears like no body's business, so that's exciting to find out how you are fairing there.
WOW for them eating so much and everything they do. Its just crazy to think of how old the babes are getting!