Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Updates

Its funny because last year, I was 2 days pregnant (if there is even such a thing) on Easter. We had our IUI on Good Friday and I remember how hopeful I felt at that time. I was almost giddy with excitement and the possibility that I could become a mother.

We had a good Easter this year but Im telling you, I am tired, even the next day. It was a lot of work and preparation, which Dan and I had to do in between the 5 naps and feedings that occur during the day. But we got it all done and in the end, it was worth it. We enjoy having our families together and seeing them all with Emma and Joshua.

Joshua pretty much rolled over by himself on Easter, it was so cool! I might have given him a little nudge to get him the rest of the way but he pretty much did it himself. He was such a charmer and spent most of the day smiling and laughing. And his laugh? Priceless. Its like this little throaty-gulp thing and it always makes me laugh, too.

On his side, getting ready to roll!

Joshu with me, my sister and my mom

Emma? She had a rough day. She was content in her bouncy chair but I think the combination of people and being tired set her off and she started crying. Well, crying is not the right word. It was more like hysterical screaming that lasted 45 minutes. Dan tried to walk her and he tried to feed her and she was just not having it. Finally she went to sleep and woke up a much happier baby.

Sweet Emma (this picture is the wrong direction but I cant fix it and the more I look and it, its still cute at this angle)

Dan feeding Emma after she woke up

Hope everyone had a great Easter!

Oh and if you'd like, vote for me at TMB- last month I made it to #8- on the Multiples Mom section, which isn't that big of a deal but I was excited :)

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Shannon said...

Wow I cant believe a year ago you had your IUI. So much has changed in just a short time:-). Love the new pics!! Both Emma and Joshua are so long!! and obviously so cute:-)

Ro said...

What cuties! Wow, I can't believe it was a year ago! What a wonderful year it's been!

Shanny said...

Wow such a big difference in a year!

And Joshua rolling over? Go boy, go! Adorable! Glad Emma was in a happier mood after her nap, their pics are too cute =)

Lindsay said...

Such cuties!

iamronel said...

such adorable :)

The Lane Family said...

They are so cute and it is hard to believe that Josh is starting the rolling action. It will only get busier.

I love how Emma takes her bottles she is a cutie!!

Megan said...

Just the most adorable! Isn't it crazy to look back and see how far you've come?
Does Joshua roll from belly to back at all? I know Ant does belly to back and just can't get the arm out of the way for back to belly.
I also am in LOVE with that hat you have on Emma! That's beyond adorable!!!

Sarah C said...

Love the new blog design!