Sunday, May 16, 2010

5 months

On Monday, Emma and Joshua will be 5 months. Time for another installment of "Things I Don't Want To Forget"

Both of Them:

1. We survived the 4 month wakeful. For us, it lasted about 2 weeks and mainly affected Joshua. Emma had several nights during those 2 weeks that she did not get up but Josh did. Sometimes it was 11 pm, sometimes 1 am and sometimes 4 am. A few times, it was all 3. But they are both back to sleeping through the night. For now.

2. They both can still fit into their 0-3 month clothes but I am bored of those outfits so I packed them up and brought out 3-6 month. But the 6 month stuff from Carter's? Still too big. I am hoping it fits soon because I have a lot of that for summer.

3. They are both still wearing Size 2 diapers. Emma can fit in size 1-2 but those are too small on Josh. I mostly stick with Pampers but we are using some Huggies right now. Although they leaked for us early on, they are ok now.


1. She is a rolling machine. I can barely keep her on her back anymore, including at night. I put her down and she immediately puts her head to the side and before I know it, she is on her tummy. She slept a couple nights like that and although it freaked me out, she looked so comfortable.

2. Emma now enjoys rice cereal and oatmeal. She doesn't eat it as fast as Josh but she eats her fair share of the 3 combined ounces that I make. She still only eats about 25 ounces of milk per day. I try to give her more but she is happy with that.

3. She is very vocal. She is always babbling and her babbling often turns to yelling. The yelling is cute when she isnt upset but if she is upset? Watch out. She will let you know it.

4. Emma loves to hold onto my hair and she has quite a grip. She also likes snuggle her face into my hair lately, its so cute


1. He is not a big fan of napping. He has had a few days in the past couple weeks where he is up for hours. Like a few times it was 7 hours. My MIL tried to get him to sleep and I tried when I got him home but he was just not having it. The thing is that he isn't cranky when he is up. He is just up.

2. Josh has started sticking his little tongue out when he smiles. Not the whole way, just a little bit poking through. Its so cute.

3. He has never been a fan of laying on either of our chests but just this weekend, he let Dan hold him on his chest. Even though it wasn't for long, it was so sweet.

4. Josh really loves the rice cereal. Honestly, I know he could eat more than just the cereal but we are going to follow the pedi's recommendation and wait until 6 months. He literally attacks the spoon and quickly swallows whatever amount of cereal I give him. I think he will be happy to have more kinds of food next month.

So that's whats going on with E&J! Hope everyone had a good weekend!


Krisy said...

great update...they are so adorable! Happy 5 month birthday to our babies!!!

Danse said...

Look at those cutie pies! Delaney does the tongue/smile thing too, LOVE it!

mtendere said...

Love it! They are growing so fast! Has it really been 5 months? Our little one decided to be a tummy sleeper around 5.5 months- once they start rolling on their own there's no stopping them. I just say an extra prayer when I put her to bed.

Carly said...

happy 5 monthday e & j!!! I love how their personalities shine through in the pics- Emma seems like such a dainty sweetheart and Josh like a comedian. They are perfect- and I loooove the laundry basket pics

Jessica said...

I love the "laundry" pictures...too cute!!

The Lane Family said...

The pictures of them in the basket are just so darn cute and they are growing up and getting cuter and cuter!!

Avery also LOVED rice cereal so believe it or not some babies just do!!

The picture of Josh in the jumperoo brings back so many memories my kids LOVED it and my son would still use it if he could fit in it and did not weigh to much!!

Megan said...

SO CUTE! I love the laundry basket photos the best. I'd seriously have no issue if it were that cute!
That's awesome they are such big eaters of the cereal. and the rolling over? Doesn't that just melt your heart when you see them doing things like that on their own?
Are they sitting up unassisted at all yet? How long?
And happy FIVE months, lil angels!

Molly said...

I just wanted to pass on what our GI doc told us- My baby often rolls onto her tummy, and our GI doc said to leave her there as long as she is strong to roll back over if she wants. It actually cuts down on reflux to lay on your tummy, so there's less chance of spit-up that way- always a plus, right? And if they're comfy, and able to move if they want, chances are they'll sleep better and be happier. Don't worry too much about it!