Friday, May 7, 2010


Lets see, where to begin. Two big things are going on over here:

First, guess which babies have a case of "The Four Month Wakeful?" Yup, Emma and Joshua. Please understand that I get it- babies wake up. But they have spoiled us by sleeping through the night so early and for so long that its going to take me some time to re-adjust. The hard part is that they never get up at the same time. Both of them are up one to two times a night which means I am up 2-4 times a night. The hardest part? They don't really want anything. They just want to laugh, scream and keep me up. I won't lie- Im hoping this ends soon.

Second, my Medela pump quit working properly yesterday. I was on the phone with them three times to try to trouble shoot it and nothing worked. Basically the suction is gone from the second cycle (I always forget what that cycle is called) and I pumped 15 oz less yesterday. The upside? They have offered to send me a new one if I fax them my receipt. The downside? Dan and I can't find the receipt. This is highly unusual for us because we save all receipts. While looking for the receipt, I found the receipt for when I bought the Medela storage bags for 9.99 but not for the pump. I have prepared an email and sent it to Medela in hopes they will honor their warranty without the receipt. In the meantime, my girlfriend has lent me her basically unsued Medela and I am using that.

In more fun news, I have some exciting things going on with my blog. I will be doing a guest blogger spot on Sunday and hosting a giveway sometime in the next week. I will post more on that this weekend but get excited!

Happy Friday!


Amy said...

Those pictures are just SO adorable! Sorry about your pump - I hope you can find the receipt! And I hope that the wakeful period ends quickly.

Mrs. Alex P said...

Aww poor thing, the 4 month wakeful period was not fun at all! Hopefully it ends sooner for you than it did for me. It eventually got up to 8-10 times a night. I'd need to get up to give him his pacifier to fall back to sleep. Just this last week (6.5 months) he is back to sleeping thought the night for the first time since he was 3 months old.

Jessica said...

I hope the babies get back to their normal sleeping schedule!!!

They look so big in the last picture!!

SCBride2007 said...

About the receipt, where did you buy it from? Target can look back for receipts up to two years I think, and I know Sam's Club can. I would ask the place you got it from if they can look it up. I hope you can find it soon!

Anonymous said...

That last picture is just too much! They are so cute! I hope they get back to sleeping soon, and you get your pump replaced. What a pain!

Amy said...

yikes! Presley went through that as well. we ended up just not going in her room unless she started a full on cry. it ended soon after! i hope they can both get through this soon!

super cute pics, too!

Jesse and Mandy Peterson said...

Oh they are too (two) cute! I hope they start sleeping better for you. It's hard when you're up all night, especially when you have to work the next day. And I hope your pump gets worked out. I had a tough time when mine quit working, and I know you're not ready to give up yet. Good luck!

Megan said...

Love the photos. Too bad about the 4 month wakeful and the pump going on the fritz. Hope they send you a new one (although I already read that far, WTG!)
I never had to deal with the 4 month wakeful. he was actually the opposite for that time span. He's been a wakeful the other 4 months of his life
At least you can believe that that too, will pass!

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