Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dinner Fail

I contemplated whether or not to post about our dinner last night with Emma and Joshua, but decided to do it because this blog isn't just for the good stuff that happens. Its for everything. Like last night. So here goes:

We went out to dinner with my family to celebrate Father's Day. I was so excited to go out to eat and not have to cook. And fully enjoy a glass of wine since I am completely done pumping. Well when you have kids, a dinner out is not that easy.

It started off good enough. Emma and Josh both took great afternoon naps and were fed by the time we got to dinner. I was relieved to see that the table across from us had a couple babies at it, too. I was even a little giddy that at the beginning of dinner, one of the babies at the other table was crying and mine were just smiling and laughing.

As we started to order, Josh got a little fussy. As I have mentioned before, he needs to be entertained. So we did our best to pass him around the table and keep him occupied. No big deal.

As our salads arrived, I heard a noise from Emma and then smelled a horrid, rank odor which could only mean one thing. So I pick up her and the diaper bag and after a little thought, took her out to the van to change her. And I am glad I did. I will spare you the details but I can honestly say it was the worst diaper I have seen in the past 6 months. So much fun to change in the Odyssey.

I get back in the restaurant and Dan is by the front door because now Josh has started fussing even more. We sit back down but I really don't get to eat because I am trying to get Josh to settle down.

Then, the worst part of the night happens. We had put the car seat carriers on top of the wooden restaurant high chairs. The table across from us with the babies had flipped the chairs upside down and it looked like the carriers were fitting in them better. So I decided to flip ours, too. I actually didn't think it was super sturdy but I would have never imagined that what happened would happened. We were all eating and before I knew it, Emma's high chair and car seat carrier flipped backward. I don't know if she moved or I hit it but either way, my sweet little baby was lying in her car seat carrier on her back after falling 4 feet. She starts crying and of course Josh starts wailing and the entire restaurant is staring at us.

Emma was fine after a minute and I didn't see any bumps or bruises on her. I really think the car seat carrier protected her but it was still so scary. I was so embarrassed that it happened but I was more upset that Emma could have gotten hurt.

So yeah, Im not sure we will be going out to a restaurant again anytime soon! I guess we'll just stick to ordering pizza for awhile!

Here are some pictures I have been meaning to post:

6 Month Bear Picture (look how long Emma is!)

Take 2 of 6 month pics (didn't go much better than the first time)


Dan with his babies on Father's Day

Josh and Emma

Josh on his 6 month birthday

Emma on her 6 month birthday

Me laying with E&J on the bed. Emma loves jewelry and watches, she is checking out my ring!

Josh being silly


Just Believing said...

Shannon thank you so much for sharing that story! I have those " should I share moments" but I think they help others big time too! So thank you and kudos to you for attempting to go out and have a nie dinner ! Girl you deserev that glass of wine :)

Glad Emma is a-ok! Been checking faithfully and glad to see all is well :)

Mary said...

I'm so glad Emma is okay!

Look how big they've gotten, I can't believe it! Love them!

Alicea said...

I give you a lot of credit for even attempting to take them to a restaurant. Kyle is almost 11 months old and we have yet to bring him to a restaurant. We do lots of ordering pizzas and take-out from other local restaurants when we don't feel like cooking. So glad Emma is ok!!!

Kelly and Natalie said...

OMGosh, how scary! I'm so happy Emma is ok! I give you huge props for going out to dinner with two kiddos, now as babies and when they turn into toddlers. Doing it with just one is getting increasingly difficult!

The pictures are adorable as always. I love the ones of you lying with the babies. So sweet!

Mrs. Hoppy said...

I'm sure that was scary - I'm so glad she is OK! I really wish restaurants had a better system in place for those seats! And, as usual, adorable pictures!

Jessica said...

Wow...sounds like an eventful dinner. I hope it goes better next time!!

Cute pics!!!

Megan said...

OMG I haven't had quite that much "fun" at the restaurant, but kinda close. Thank God Emma is fine after that fall! Hopefully you get to try again 9and succeed) soon!
Such beautiful lil babes!

LOVEDBYD said...

Hard to believe these two darlings are 6 months old already! WOW!

Dianne said...

You poor thing!!!!!

The Lane Family said...

First off your kids are just so darn cute!!! I LOVE the picture of you with Josh and Emma and Josh is rising on his tummy and you are smiling and talking to him...CUTE!!

As for dinner.....I am glad Emma is okay and then the horrors and joys of taking twins to a dinner out come back to me. We have attempted a few times since the girls have gotten older and sometimes it goes well but most the time there is some issue such as someone puking or throwing something or climbing on the table or pooping their pants. Needless to say we do a lot of ordering in or saving the dinners out for the two of us or sometimes we just take Aidan and the girls hang with friends.

Kismet21 said...

Well, that sounds like no fun at all. Thanks for sharing. We all have our moments, especially with babies in public.