Thursday, June 24, 2010


Seems like the week flies by, can't believe its Thursday again.


1. She has been making a noise that sounds like "wow" all the time. When I look at her and say "Emmmaaaa" she will look back at me and say "wow" Its so precious.

2. She is wiggling all around when she is on her belly. And she does an inchworm kind of crawl. She sticks her little butt in the air and then drops back down, which moves her forward an inch or two.


1. He wants to sit up by himself so much. If he is not sitting up, he is trying to do baby sit ups to get himself in an upright position. He is going to have abs of steel!

2. He has gotten a lot more hair! At one time, he was bald. Totally bald. But now is hair is coming in quite nicely, he is so handsome.

Hope everyone is ready for the weekend, one more day!


Megan said...

LOVE IT! Love the inch worm and the baby sit-ups! Its sad to see how quickly they grow and hit the milestones, but its also awesome knowing that they are growing so strong, happy, and most of all, healthy!

The Lane Family said...

This is age is so much fun because they are trying so hard to do the "big kid" thing, crawling, sitting etc.

Being a mom who struggled with infertility is is also a sad time to watch them grow so fast and wonder what if there will be more:) At the same time treasuring every moment and thing they do!!

Cari Duncan said...

Hi there! I stumbled across your blog. I am a 27 year old mommy of 2that are 11months apart :) I just thought we had a little something in common. Please feel free to check my blog out too :) its Hope to hear from yah.