Thursday, July 29, 2010


I've been enjoying my week off with Emma and Josh, I can't believe its almost over. I have loved being home with them, we've had a nice (albeit tiring) week. Here are some things to remember:


1. When we were out shopping, Josh started fussing so I handed him the first non-dangerous thing I could find. A receipt. He happily played with it until I looked at him and a huge chunk was gone. I desperately searched for it but couldn't find it. Which could only mean one thing- he ate it. And you'd think I'd learn my lesson but of course I didn't. On Sunday, I gave Emma the church bulletin to quiet her down in church. She took a nice bite out of that. Yum!

2. Emma and Josh are up to 2 meals a day but, as it would appear, they are vegetarians. We tried some pureed chicken last night and that did not go well. I put some in Josh's mouth and then Emma's and before I knew it, they were both projectile vomiting all over their high chairs. I guess we will stick to fruit, veggies and cereal for now.


1. Dan calls her "Snoopy" because, well, she is a snoop. She gets into everything and anything. If she is on your lap, she wants to be checking out all the items on the table. If you are walking with her, she is trying to grab anything that is within her reach. She is so inquisitive!


1. He gets the giggles all the time and had me rolling with laughter yesterday. He looked at me and giggled. I giggled back and before I knew it, he was laughing so hard he could barely catch his breath. And I was laughing right with him, so cute!

Hope everyone is having a good week!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Zoo

We took Emma and Josh to the zoo yesterday since Dan was off for our anniversary and well, it didn't go so well.

I really thought we were going to have a good day. It wasn't too hot out and they both had an amazing morning nap (about 2 hours!) so we packed a lunch, our double stroller and our 7 month twins and headed to the zoo.

It started off with Emma dirtying her diaper about two seconds after we got there. Have you ever changed a dirty diaper on one of those changing table things with about 20 people peering over to see what's going on? Mind your business, people. Why would you want to see my kid's poopy diaper? And of course Emma did not like the audience and screamed through the entire thing.

After that, we tried to go see some of the animals but Emma was mad that she was in the back of the stroller and that she was belted in and could not flip. So she started screaming again. At the top of her lungs. I finally un-belted her and put the seat down so she could crawl around, which didn't help. Hence this picture, can you see her?

We finally decided to stop (because we had seen all of like 2 animals at this point) and feed both of them. They ate great so we thought maybe that would help them calm down. And it did help Emma but of course now Josh started crying. He continued to cry the remainder of the time and would only stop if I held him.

By this time, we were sick of people staring at us and our screaming kids so we left. What a day! It can only get better, right?

A few pictures, this is about all we got in between all the crying:

Me, Josh and a fake monkey

Me and Emma

A giraffe- to prove we really were at the zoo

Monday, July 26, 2010

Anniversary and teeth and poopies, oh my!

What a hodge-podge of a post title, right? But thats just some of the stuff going on around here.

Today is my and Dan's 7 year anniversary. 7 years! I am amazed to see how far we have come. We got married when we were 24 and our lives have changed so much since then. I am so lucky to have a husband who is right by my side through everything we've been through.

In teeth news, Josh got his second one! Right next to his first. And Emma is diligently working on hers, too. Her little gums are red and she is constantly slobbering on her hand. Its just a matter of time before hers start popping up.

And in poopie news (I seriously can't believe I am even talking about this) that's literally all Emma and Josh do anymore. We have started feeding solids twice a day and my once-a-day poopers have turned into four-times-a-day poopers! Emma even pooped on me at the mall yesterday and I had to continue to carry her around so I could cover the poop on my shirt because I was not done shopping yet. (That is totally me- to continue shopping, even though I have been pooped on) Oh and they are making a habit of going in the middle of the night, too, which means I have been getting up around, oh 3 AM, to change two dirty diapers. Fun!

So that's what we are up to. Hope everyone has a nice week!

Me, my sister, my brother-in-law and Dan with the babies. We are silly!



These are the moments I thank God that I'm alive
These are the moments I'll remember all my life
I've found all I've waited for
And I could not ask for more

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mommy Guilt

I think its amazing the guilt that most moms go through. In the beginning, I had tons of guilt about breastfeeding. Then I had guilt about going back to work. Eh, lets be honest, I still have guilt about that. I had guilt about not doing enough tummy time with Emma and Josh. I feel guilty if I give them jarred baby food. I feel guilty that I can't remember all the baby signs I am trying to teach them. Or that I am just too tired most of the time to do any educational activities with them. (Can you even DO educational activities with 7 month old babies? Who knows)

I think that as moms we should sign some kind of pact to let go of the mommy guilt. I mean, look at all of us. We grew up fine and our moms knew nothing about BPA free bottles, baby sign language, making food in an overpriced Beaba Babycook and heck, even car/booster seats past the age of 2. I have fond memories of sitting on the "hump" of the front seat with my grandparents and have seen pictures of me scooting around in one of those walkers with wheels with the TV blaring in the background. And you know what? I came out alright. So did my sister.

Im not saying we should let all current safety standards out the door (please don't call CPS, I am still using car seats!) but I am saying that it would be nice to not focus on all of the things we think we need to do for our kids to make them happy. Because when its all said and done, they won't remember if you fed them jarred food or pureed organic green beans. They will grow up remembering the laughter and the love.

So that's my new focus. Im not saying that I don't want what's best for Emma and Joshua. But I am saying that I want to remember that I can still be a great mommy and not be perfect. I hope that all of my mommy blog friends can understand this post and we can all remind one another that its ok to not be perfect. The love we have for our children is all that matters.

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Ok seriously, another Things I Don't Want To Forget Thursday? Wow.


Emma with her lovey- a little pink bunny/blankie. She seriously loves that thing

We stood both of them up in their cribs. Look at her silly smile!

1. She has started doing this smile where she wrinkles up her entire face including her nose, mouth and eyes. Its so cute!

2. She loves to lay on the floor and have Dan put a blanket up in the air and then cover her with it. But she has amazing reflexes because as soon as the blanket comes down, she pushes it off of her face right away. And then laughs like crazy.


I cant believe my big boy! Sitting in his umbrella stroller, so handsome

In his crib. He loves to be in the standing position, his legs are so strong

1. He is learning to mimic me. If I make a noise like "Eh", he will look at me and make the same noise right back. We did this back and forth the other night for about 3 minutes. It was so funny.

2. He has officially out grown the Fisher Price Whale tub. He can technically still fit in it but he kicks too much and I end up soaked at the end. I tried to put just a tiny bit of water in it last night but he still managed to kick it out at me and all over the floor. Its onto the real bathtub soon!


1. They really are noticing one another now. Josh's response is to laugh at Emma. He is always laughing at her. Emma's response is to try to grab onto anything of Josh's and then suck her thumb. I sometimes find her holding onto his shirt and sucking her thumb

I am off of work next week and have a bunch of blog entries planned. Hope everyone is having a good week!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

7 Months

Emma and Josh turned 7 months yesterday, I can't believe it! Each month goes faster than the next. Although I like seeing all of the new things they are able to do, sometimes I wish time would just slow down. I like them as babies. I love holding them and rocking them. They are so precious.

We took some new pictures today, just thought I would share. Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Another Thursday, another post. Where does the time go?


1. He has learned how to lift his Fisher Price crib soother up off the side of the crib and then drop it back down. When he does it, it sounds like someone is banging on our front door. We tried to tie it down tighter but he still finds a way to lift it up and drop it down.

2. He does this thing where he lays on his belly and then lifts his arms and legs up off the ground, like he is a flying airplane. The kid is so strong!


1. She is on the move! I can't really call it crawling, but its pretty close. She gets up on all fours and then pushes herself forward. She can move about 10 feet in distance in just a minute or two so she is pretty quick. She will also change directions if she seems something else she wants to get to. I can't believe she can move like that.

2. She has a huge obsession with TV remotes. She actually loves to crawl to the remote and if you put a toy and a remote in front of her, she will most likely pick the remote. I actually couldn't get the remote out of her hand this morning and she started crying when I took it from her, she is so cute.

Oh, I took Emma to the pediatrician yesterday and her diaper rash is actually a yeast infection. Poor baby! We have two ointments (both over the counter- one is an anti-fungal and the other is a healing antibiotic) and will continue with the diaper rash cream, too. Im hoping this clears up soon for her!

Almost the weekend, hope everyone is enjoying their week!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wait, my weight?!

I thought that packing away my old friend, Medela, would make my life care-free and fun. And I guess it has had some benefits. I no longer have to listen to her horrible noise. Or pump while driving down the turnpike. So those are some good things. But the downside? Apparently now that I am not producing enough milk to feed a small village, my body has decided to hold onto every calorie I am putting into my mouth.

It started off slow. I remember one day I was like "um, Im sure I shrunk my jeans because there is no way they could be this tight to button" And then there was the day that I noticed my belly was making a nice little shelf for me to sit my laptop on. But today was the worst. I stepped on the scale and looked down. I then stepped off, hit the scale a couple times and stepped back on. But a scale does not lie twice. I have gained 7 pounds since June. SEVEN POUNDS. On my 5'8 and normally 138 lb frame, 7 lbs is a lot.

So Im off to diet. Or work out. Or both. Any suggestions? Id like to be looking thinner by September because Dan and I are in his brother's wedding. This leaves me 2 months to quit eating an entire bag of cubed Kraft Cheese and pick up a carrot stick instead. Help me! :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A tooth and the mall

On Friday, I was feeding Josh and I saw a little white speck on his gums. I stuck my finger in there and sure enough, he has his first tooth! I am trying to get a picture of it but he seems to have the tooth on lockdown, he won't let me in there. I can't believe it- my baby has a tooth!

We took Emma and Joshua to the mall for the first time yesterday. They loved to look at all of the stores and Josh loved the mirrors. Of course we brought our camera and took some pictures!

Josh in the car before we went in the mall

And Emma. (She looks so much like Dan in this picture!)

Josh and the mirror

Outside the mall

Thursday, July 8, 2010


I just realized that its Thursday. The short work week threw me off! So before we watch "Lebron-mania 2010" (yawn) I thought I would get in my weekly post.


1. I love waking her up in the morning. She immediately rolls onto her tummy and looks at me and smiles. She is also so calm in the morning. She patiently waits for me to change Josh's diaper and then continues to wait for her bottle. This morning, I went in and actually didn't see her in the crib right away. She had rolled herself into a little ball and was at the top corner of the crib, sucking her thumb. She is so cute.

2. One thing I actually would like to forget is that Emma has our first bout with diaper rash. I feel so bad for her. I am trying a new kind of diaper rash cream (Desitin with the purple label) and hope it helps her soon.


1. I also love waking him up in the morning but he is so different than Emma. The second I turn off their sound machine, he starts kicking and rolling like crazy. This morning when I woke him up, he rolled over at me and immediately started laughing. Apparently I am pretty funny at 6 AM!

2. One thing I would like to forget about Josh is that he is really, really into whinning right now. He whines all.the.time. It almost seems like he whines because he is bored. I put him in the swing and 5 minutes later, he is whining. So I move him to the jumperoo but 5 minutes later? whining. So its a constant battle to keep him entertained. We have resorted to pushing him around our house in an umbrella stroller just to get him a change of scenery.

No new pictures right now. Hope everyone is having a good week!

Oh, and the votes on TMB have been reset so if you are so inclined, vote for me on the button to the right- two clicks and you're done :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Love, love

When Joshua and Emma were born, I loved them. I loved them because I had waited for so long for them. I loved them because they were mine. I loved them because that's what you do when you are a mother. You love your kids.

But recently, the love feels different. I don't feel like I just love these babies that look cute lying in their crib. I feel like I love the little people that I can see them becoming. I love how Emma sucks her thumb while holding her blanket to her face and if I get close enough, she will try to hold my hair by her face, too. I love how Josh tries to catch my eye and when he finally does, he gives me the biggest smile in the world and kicks his legs and giggles. I love, love them.

I think the love, love feeling is what makes it harder to go to work each day. When I went back to work, I was leaving little babies who slept almost all day. They didn't reach for me. They didn't look up when I left the room. Heck, at 11weeks old, I barely knew them! But now its different. I have grown to love this little girl who lays on her tummy and looks up at me. And this little boy who giggles and laughs when I spin him around.

But for now, I still feel lucky for every minute I get to spend with Emma and Josh. Its the light of my day. Its those feelings of love, love that keep me going.

Some recent pics:





With my parents

With my sister

"Half time goes by
Suddenly you’re wise
Another blink of an eye"

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Seriously- An entire week between posts? Craziness. I blame it on one thing- work. I have been so busy with my job that I don't have time to do anything else. I could use some prayers about the whole job thing. Im starting to question if I'm cut out for this whole working mom thing.

Alright, on to my babies!


1. He is so, so smiley. We took them to Target the other night and he had a smile pasted on his face the entire time we were there. He also laughed like crazy when Dan bounced a big ball near him, he was so happy!

2. He is hard to get down for a nap. I try to get him to take a little cat nap around 5 (since they have been up since 2) and some times he will do it but most of the time he won't. This means he stays up from 2 until almost 8 without a nap.

3. Josh really wants to sit up. If you lay him on your lap, he instantly pulls up on your hands into a sitting position. He must have "baby abs of steel!" He still can't sit too good by himself but we are working on it.


1. She has been making this face where she looks like she just sucked on a lemon. She squints her eyes and puckers her lips. Oh and she makes this heavy, snorty breathing sound. I have no idea why she does it but its so funny.

2. She is a freeze baby. When I put her in the bath, she shivers like crazy. It does not matter if the water is warmer and there is a space heater, she still shivers. She even shivers when I take a warm cloth and wipe her and Josh down after they get done eating (oh man they are messy!)

3. Her love for blankets has grown. She always is reaching for something to put by her face and she loves to fall asleep with a blanket. I normally end up covering her with one so that she can snuggle with it and then going back to pull it out. But sometimes she has such a death grip on it that I can't get it away. I know they aren't supposed to sleep with blankets but its a light, small one. And she loves it.


1. They both had days where they ate over 30 oz. They are eating 6 oz bottles, 5 times a day and then sometimes a couple extra ounces here and there. We have tried rice cereal, oatmeal, pears, apples, peaches, squash and green beans. Emma's favorite was the peaches and Josh will eat pretty much anything you put in front of him. He did gag on the green beans but then proceeded to gulp down a couple more spoonfuls.

2. They are both in size 3 diapers and I have noticed that although their 6 month clothes fit, they are short on both of them, mostly the onesie type items. But I still have a lot of 6 month summer stuff so I will keep them in it until its reallllyyyy to short! lol

3. Josh and Emma both go down at night between 7:30-8. They sleep until 6 AM, when we wake them up for the day.

So thats that. I have 5 days off of work and am excited to spend that time with my babies. Oh and Dan, too! Hope everyone has a great 4th of July!

"We pour out our miseries
God just hears a melody
Beautiful the mess we are
The honest cries of breaking hearts
Are better than a Hallelujah"