Monday, July 5, 2010

Love, love

When Joshua and Emma were born, I loved them. I loved them because I had waited for so long for them. I loved them because they were mine. I loved them because that's what you do when you are a mother. You love your kids.

But recently, the love feels different. I don't feel like I just love these babies that look cute lying in their crib. I feel like I love the little people that I can see them becoming. I love how Emma sucks her thumb while holding her blanket to her face and if I get close enough, she will try to hold my hair by her face, too. I love how Josh tries to catch my eye and when he finally does, he gives me the biggest smile in the world and kicks his legs and giggles. I love, love them.

I think the love, love feeling is what makes it harder to go to work each day. When I went back to work, I was leaving little babies who slept almost all day. They didn't reach for me. They didn't look up when I left the room. Heck, at 11weeks old, I barely knew them! But now its different. I have grown to love this little girl who lays on her tummy and looks up at me. And this little boy who giggles and laughs when I spin him around.

But for now, I still feel lucky for every minute I get to spend with Emma and Josh. Its the light of my day. Its those feelings of love, love that keep me going.

Some recent pics:





With my parents

With my sister

"Half time goes by
Suddenly you’re wise
Another blink of an eye"


Amy said...

What a sweet post - brought tears to my eyes! Love the pictures of Josh and Emma!

Mrs.F said...

Aww they are getting so big! It's crazy how fast the 1st year goes by... you look great too mama!

And thank you for the sweet comment... I really needed to hear those things :)

Jeannie said...

It is amazing that we get to watch these little people grow and shine. It is the best feeling having them look up at you as their mother and smile and reach for you (and eventually call you mama).
You said it perfectly with love, love.

Megan said...

YES! You hit the nail on the head. It is a love, love. You can get so frustrated with them crying and the endless meltdowns that you can't seem to console or the whining that won't stop and as soon as they shoot that toothless smile your way, you melt and have a hard time staying upset. Hope things keep going so well for you! The photos are PRICELESS!

Mrs. Hoppy said...

Great pictures as usual! You are blessed with beautiful babies!

Shanny said...

AWww this is sooo sweet! Its so awesome that they both try to show you their love too =)

Anonymous said...

The twins are getting so big, I can't believe it! So so cute!

The Lane Family said...

I LOVED this post it was so great and I got tears in my eyes because I have felt those things myself but never written it down as well as you did.

I also love the pictures they are just so cute and have the most beautiful eyes!!