Thursday, July 8, 2010


I just realized that its Thursday. The short work week threw me off! So before we watch "Lebron-mania 2010" (yawn) I thought I would get in my weekly post.


1. I love waking her up in the morning. She immediately rolls onto her tummy and looks at me and smiles. She is also so calm in the morning. She patiently waits for me to change Josh's diaper and then continues to wait for her bottle. This morning, I went in and actually didn't see her in the crib right away. She had rolled herself into a little ball and was at the top corner of the crib, sucking her thumb. She is so cute.

2. One thing I actually would like to forget is that Emma has our first bout with diaper rash. I feel so bad for her. I am trying a new kind of diaper rash cream (Desitin with the purple label) and hope it helps her soon.


1. I also love waking him up in the morning but he is so different than Emma. The second I turn off their sound machine, he starts kicking and rolling like crazy. This morning when I woke him up, he rolled over at me and immediately started laughing. Apparently I am pretty funny at 6 AM!

2. One thing I would like to forget about Josh is that he is really, really into whinning right now. He whines all.the.time. It almost seems like he whines because he is bored. I put him in the swing and 5 minutes later, he is whining. So I move him to the jumperoo but 5 minutes later? whining. So its a constant battle to keep him entertained. We have resorted to pushing him around our house in an umbrella stroller just to get him a change of scenery.

No new pictures right now. Hope everyone is having a good week!

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Naomi said...

your kids are too cute! love the pictures down the side of them at each month. I have twins too but they are boys...I always say twice as nice too. Naomi.

Amy said...

Do you have any Aquaphor? Whenever Evan has bad diaper rash, I slather on the Desitin (in the purple tube like you) and then put a layer of Aquaphor over it. It seems to help seal in the Desitin and usually in two days, the rash is gone. Poor Miss Emma!

The Lane Family said...

I love reading your updates it is so fun and it brings back the memories of the girls at that age!!

I have used Desitin a lot because Avery is very prone too diaper rash but even better than that I have fallen in love with A&D and it does not seem to have the sting factor that desitin can have.

Josh and his whining?!?!. It sounds like he is a little boy that needs some action and fun and just loves being with people. Kaylee was and still is that way. She wants to be with people and where the action is :)

Megan said...

I feel you on the whining. Sucks so bad because it comes almost out of no where and just won't stop. Wish I could say I know how to stop it, but I don't.
BUT! the diaper rash I can help with. Equal parts max strength (40% zinc) diaper cream, A&D ointment, and aquaphor. Mix in a little bigger "batch" and slather it on THICK. You should still see diaper cream on their butt when you take off the diaper for a change. If you don't, you didn't put enough on. I sent you a message on FB about it too. Good luck. I know the recipe worked for us. Really bad rash showed on Thurs (I think that's when) and was barely pink by mid day Saturday. Hope it helps with Emma's sore bottom!