Thursday, July 22, 2010


Ok seriously, another Things I Don't Want To Forget Thursday? Wow.


Emma with her lovey- a little pink bunny/blankie. She seriously loves that thing

We stood both of them up in their cribs. Look at her silly smile!

1. She has started doing this smile where she wrinkles up her entire face including her nose, mouth and eyes. Its so cute!

2. She loves to lay on the floor and have Dan put a blanket up in the air and then cover her with it. But she has amazing reflexes because as soon as the blanket comes down, she pushes it off of her face right away. And then laughs like crazy.


I cant believe my big boy! Sitting in his umbrella stroller, so handsome

In his crib. He loves to be in the standing position, his legs are so strong

1. He is learning to mimic me. If I make a noise like "Eh", he will look at me and make the same noise right back. We did this back and forth the other night for about 3 minutes. It was so funny.

2. He has officially out grown the Fisher Price Whale tub. He can technically still fit in it but he kicks too much and I end up soaked at the end. I tried to put just a tiny bit of water in it last night but he still managed to kick it out at me and all over the floor. Its onto the real bathtub soon!


1. They really are noticing one another now. Josh's response is to laugh at Emma. He is always laughing at her. Emma's response is to try to grab onto anything of Josh's and then suck her thumb. I sometimes find her holding onto his shirt and sucking her thumb

I am off of work next week and have a bunch of blog entries planned. Hope everyone is having a good week!


Lulu said...

That picture of Emma standing in the crib is ADORABLE!!! What a cutie pie, her smile just lights up a room. And I love that she holds onto Josh and then sucks her thumb, how sweet.
They are both so precious Shannon!

Anne said...

What cute pictures you have been posting lately!

The Lane Family said...

Shannon I know say it all the time but your kids are just so darn cute!!

The picture of Emma with her blanket is so cute!! I always hoped one of my kids would have something that they really loved..well My son was in love with is binkie and the girls....not so much.

Mr. Josh is getting so big and your world is about to get even busier now that he is starting to pull himself up and around!!!

I LOVE the last picture and would really like to know how you did it!!

Lindsay said...

God, they are getting so big.

Megan said...

LOVE IT! I'm sad to say this, but I think that Josh will be walking early on you. He just looks so strong and comfortable on his feet like that. And Emma's goofy face? PRICELESS!!