Thursday, July 29, 2010


I've been enjoying my week off with Emma and Josh, I can't believe its almost over. I have loved being home with them, we've had a nice (albeit tiring) week. Here are some things to remember:


1. When we were out shopping, Josh started fussing so I handed him the first non-dangerous thing I could find. A receipt. He happily played with it until I looked at him and a huge chunk was gone. I desperately searched for it but couldn't find it. Which could only mean one thing- he ate it. And you'd think I'd learn my lesson but of course I didn't. On Sunday, I gave Emma the church bulletin to quiet her down in church. She took a nice bite out of that. Yum!

2. Emma and Josh are up to 2 meals a day but, as it would appear, they are vegetarians. We tried some pureed chicken last night and that did not go well. I put some in Josh's mouth and then Emma's and before I knew it, they were both projectile vomiting all over their high chairs. I guess we will stick to fruit, veggies and cereal for now.


1. Dan calls her "Snoopy" because, well, she is a snoop. She gets into everything and anything. If she is on your lap, she wants to be checking out all the items on the table. If you are walking with her, she is trying to grab anything that is within her reach. She is so inquisitive!


1. He gets the giggles all the time and had me rolling with laughter yesterday. He looked at me and giggled. I giggled back and before I knew it, he was laughing so hard he could barely catch his breath. And I was laughing right with him, so cute!

Hope everyone is having a good week!


mtendere said...

So cute!

The Lane Family said...

I love reading these as I have said many times before. It is always amazing to me that they go from being so small and dependent to quickly trying to take control of their world.

The story about eating the paper is so funny..I guess they saw it as a small treat.

I am also glad to know that I am not the only one who has children projectile vomit if they do not like gross :)

THe part about her being a little snoop made me thing we did was we took an old purse and filled it with all kinds of fun things (you need 2 with twins) then when we have to go somewhere or do something I give them to the girls and they LOVE it!!!

Mrs.F said...

Haha I LOLed about them taking bites out of the paper & eating it. I can relate... paper, receipt, etc entertain Gianna STILL & I should have learned by now that they are apparently tasty to her. Nope, I haven't learned... she still eats paper at times & I have to kick myself.

Your babes get cuter & cuter as they get older!

Megan said...

isn't it funny how they seem to almost morph from babies to puppies once they start getting teeth and moving around? We have a box in our hallway that we really haven't found a place or purpose for and Anthony LOVES to chew on it. Funny until I find chunks missing. Thankfully I get them out before they go down the hatch, but after how much they slobber it up, it couldn't be THAT bad, could it? lol
What happy lil babes!