Tuesday, August 17, 2010

8 months

The changes from 7 to 8 months have been crazy. Emma and Joshua are really growing up! They are doing a lot of the same things and then some different. I will go through the same things first:


1. They have become great eaters. They are down to 4 bottles a day, with 8-9 oz in each bottle. Then they get a breakfast and a dinner.

2. Since they each have teeth (Josh 3 and almost the other top one and Emma has two) they get their teeth "brushed" a couple times a week with one of those fingertip baby tooth brushes.

3. Both of them lift up their arms to be picked up but in different ways. Josh lifts his out like an airplane and Emma lifts hers up.

4. They go down to sleep at 7:30 and wake up at 6:30. They are still on 3 naps a day but Josh has been dropping the 5:00PM "cat nap" I can't always get him to take that one.


1. She is so persistent. If she wants to crawl onto something or grab an item from the table, she does not give up until she gets it. It took her many times but she has learned to pull herself up and over the step from our family to living room. And now she can do it in one swift motion.

2. She knows how to sit but doesn't like to do it because she is too interested in crawling. I have seen her pull herself into a sitting position but not often.

3. She has a big attachment to me right now and the second I walk into my in-laws house to pick her up, she lunges towards me.

4. She is wearing 6-9 month clothes from Children's Place and some 9 month Carters clothes. The dresses fit her good length wise but the pants and shirts are still a bit wide on her. She is still in size 3 diapers.


1. He has started doing the inch worm crawl but does not do it all the time. I know he is strong enough to crawl but he does not seem to have a huge interest in it yet.

2. He is great at sitting and can pull himself into a sitting position very easily. He looks like such a big boy when he sits and he can play like that for a long time.

3. He said "da-da" last night for the first time. He said it to me the first time and then said it again when Dan came home. It was so cute!

4. He is also wearing 6-9 month and 9 month clothes but can fit into 6-12 month Gymboree, too. He is in size 3 diapers but I am going to try a size 4, just to see if its too big. The size 3 looks a little short on Josh.

I thank God every single day for the opportunity to be a mom. Its tiring, its exhausting and its the most rewarding experience of my life.


Amy said...

Such beautiful babies! I love reading about their milestones!

The Lane Family said...

I looked at their other bear pictures and wow they are growing up!!! Then as you describe what they are doing and their changes it is amazing how time flies by and how quickly they learn and grow!!

I LOVE their pillow pets they are so cute and I can tell they think they are great as well.

I like the part you put at the end about being a mom. I will agree that it is "The hardest job you will ever love!!"

Kismet21 said...

Great pictures! Great updates!

Krisy said...

Adorable and you got them pillow pets, i so want one of those!! Can you believe we have 8 month olds, holy cow where does the time go!

Jeannie said...

They are so big. They are growing so quickly!! Happy 8 Months!

Megan said...

they are both growing SO big! Its just amazing to see! And I LOVE those pillow pets! Looks like they love them too!
That's great that they are eating food pieces now! Isn't it amazing how they change so much? I've been told by so many people that once they start crawling, that's when the milestones come and go ten times faster than all the others before.
I also can't believe how many teeth Josh has! What a big boy! And that adorable smile!
I always wondered how parents were able to tell twins apart. I can see very clear differences between both of them (even when you have them both in just a diaper!). Josh looks SO much like Dan and Emma looks SO much like you!! Beautiful kids!

Mrs. Hoppy said...

OMG they are both so cute! They are getting so big. :)

Anonymous said...

Sooo adorable! I always wanted boy & girls twins.... that was before I gavE birth to just 1 baby though! ;)