Saturday, August 14, 2010

Signs of growing up

Just a few things going on over here that remind me that my babies are getting bigger.

1. We lowered the cribs this weekend. Emma was just about ready to pull herself up out of hers and its just a matter of time before Josh is ready, too.

2. I sold my first baby item this weekend. I was looking on Craigslist and someone wanted to buy a Lilac Bumbo. Since I have one and we are done using them, I sold it to her. I figured that if we did have another baby, we could always use the blue one. It did make me sad to part with my first baby item though.

3. I put a piece of watermelon by both Emma and Josh's mouths and they bit of a small little piece, chewed it and swallowed it. And then they wanted more. My babies can bite of a piece of food. What happened to struggling to get them to eat pureed apples?

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Me and Emma at my sister's house

Emma and Josh playing

Emma trying to get me and the camera

Josh's cute smile

Dan and Josh


Jessica said...

I love that picture of Josh with his arms looks like he is posing for the camera!!

Lindsay said...

Such a great picture of josh! and I love the one of them playing together. Too cute!

Amy said...

Too cute! Once we gave Evan bites of real food, he refused baby food. I think that was around 10 months, but yeah, once they taste the good stuff, they wonder why you've been hiding it for so long!

Sarah C said...

They get cuter!

The Lane Family said...

Once again you just have darn cute kids!!

I know where you are coming from with this blog. Like you having dealt with infertility it was hard to put away and give away things as Aidan out grew them not knowing if there would ever be another baby. It was tough with Aidan but when we had the girls and then did away with the rest of the blastocysts at the In-Vitro doctor I knew that this was final.

So as I give away clothes and sell toy or give away toys as they are done with them there is always a little ache in my heart...even though I know I am very, very blessed!!