Friday, August 6, 2010

TIDWTFT, errr, Friday

I didn't forget about TIDWTFT, I just ran out of time yesterday. Between work and two teething babies, it was kind of a rough day. But here goes!


1. I have started giving them puffs and yogurt melts and they love them. They can almost pick them up and put them in their mouth but most of the time, I have to put them in their mouth.


1. She seems to be pretty clingy with me now. She cries when I leave the room and she is always holding out her arms to me. Once I hold her, she puts her little head on my shoulder or stares intently at my face. So sweet!

2. She is already working on her second tooth, the one right next to the first. She has been pretty upset about it, especially at night. I've had to put her in the pack n' play in our living room two nights this week because she cries at night and wakes up Josh.


1. He looks like he is trying to crawl. He can get up onto all fours but once he is there, he just looks around and then falls. Im sure crawling is just around the corner for him.

2. He is working on his fourth tooth, I can't believe it! He seems to be a bit better with handling the pain from teething but he has been kind of cranky, too.

No pictures right now. I have some new ones on the camera and we plan to take more this weekend so I will do a post on Sunday with pictures. TGIF!


The Lane Family said...

It is so fun to watch how big they are getting and to hear about what they are doing.

I have to say that for all of my kids when they hit about 6 months they started having some separation anxiety and that is normal.

I also find it interesting about how they are handling teething. Aidan did great teething and I never really knew he was doing it.

With the twins it was much more obvious with Kaylee she had a much more difficult time than Avery. We tried oral gel but everytime Kaylee had it she would puke all we just used Tylenol for the pain and frozen teething rings.

Megan said...

WOW! Just the little things that have happened since I last blog stalked you! Josh has FOUR teeth? WOW! What a big boy! And I've heard that girls have a little harder time with teething. Have you been using oragel or anything like that? Teething tabs did nothing for Ant, but the oragel he likes. Or should I say he likes the feeling and likes to lick his gums for the lack of feeling.
I've been told that any movement in one direction or another when they are on their belly is considered crawling, its when their belly is off the floor, Gerber calls them Crawlers. I bet your house is getting crazy with 2 babies on the move!