Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Here is my weekly post of Things I Don't Want To Forget. As you can see, its been another crazy week so I have not had time to post much. Hoping to do better next week.


At the lake

Sitting up

1. He loves to play ball. This consists of me pretending to throw a ball to him in a crazy way and then placing it in his hands while he laughs like crazy. He then waves the ball around and pats it until I take it from his hands and say "throw it back to mama!" He then gives it to me and waits for me to "throw" it to him again. So precious!

2. He is sitting up on his own and can even get into a sitting position. He looks like such a big boy when he sits up.

3. Josh has what Dan and I call a "death grip" on just about anything you put in his hand. The other day, he grabbed the spoon from me while I was feeding him and he would.not.let.go. I was pulling so hard to get it back and he would not budge. He also did the same thing with the umbrella the other week when we went to church.


In her crib

She pulls her self up on stuff, too!

1. She is crawling all over the place, its totally time to babyproof! And if I leave the room to go to the bedroom, she will actually crawl down the hall after me. Its so cute!

2. She has gotten so vocal. Josh used to be the one making all the noise but now Emma has learned to chime in. She makes a "Ba, Ba, Ba" sound a lot. Oh and sometimes she just screams.

3. Emma's eyes are the most interesting color. Josh's have turned completely brown but Emma's are a combo between blue with some green mixed in and then just a hint of a tan color. They are very pretty but leave me at a loss of what color she will end up with. I have Brown and Dan has green so who knows!

Hope everyone is having a good week!


The Lane Family said...

The pictures are so fun and I see that Emma is in charge of exploring her world.

The story about Josh and his "tight grip" on things made me laugh!!!

As usual is is fun to hear how they are changing and growing each week. That is really interesting about Emma's eyes but how beautiful they must be.

Anonymous said...

I have blue eyes and the hubs has green/brown. Natalie's have gone from completely blue to blue-green. They are also pretty cool to look at. Maybe Emma will keep those beautiful multi-colored eyes. :)

Both babies are so cute, as always!