Thursday, August 26, 2010


Hello! Hope everyone has been having a great week.


1. She loves when you spell her name. I will hold her close and say "Eeeee" "Emmm" "Emmm" "Aaaaa" in a drawn out way and she squeals.

2. She can pull herself up into a standing position pretty quickly. She does it on the ottoman, coffee table and activity table. She can also take a few steps to pull herself closer to the item she is holding onto. I cant believe how big she is getting!

3. She can feed herself puffs. I put one or two on her tray and she picks them up and puts them in her mouth. She has a hard time letting go of them each time but she can do it.


Josh in "baby jail" AKA the Superyard

1. He is an official crawler and is trying to pull up on stuff, too. I think he prefers sitting over crawling though because he will crawl for a little and then pull himself into a sitting position and look around.

2. He is so vocal. He is saying "Da-da-da-da" all the time. And if he is not saying it, he is moving his mouth like he has peanut butter in it, trying to get his voice to form sounds. Its so cute!

3. He can also feed himself puffs but he prefers to smash them with his hand so that they stick and then lifting up his hand and looking amazed because he does not know where the puff went. Such a boy!

Love, love, love these kids. They are changing every single day. Can't wait to see what the next week is like.

Oh and now they "play" together, its pretty funny


Anonymous said...

Super cute. I love that pic of them playing together. :)

Carly said...

that picture just made me crack up!

The Lane Family said...

As always your kids are so cute. I love how Emma is pulling herself up on everything maybe she wants to walk instead of crawling :)

Yes, Josh sounds like how Aidan was such a boy when it comes to eating and it will only get crazier.

The picture of them playing together is so cute. I must say I love watching the girls play together but the fighting...not so great!!!

Alicea said...

They grow up so fast, don't they?? They are just adorable.

Megan said...

LOL I was thinking Anthony was the only one that smashed his hand on the puffs and then stared at it with a WTF? kind of look!
Too stinkin cute, Shannon! I can't believe how big they are!