Monday, September 20, 2010

9 months

We celebrated Josh and Emma's 9 month birthday with tons of kisses but I forgot to do a post on it with all of the wedding hub bub, so here goes!

Josh and Emma are doing a lot of the same things so I will post on what they do the same and then their differences.


1. They are both great crawlers and pull up on everything. Both can let go with one hand and pick up a toy and then take steps (very small and shaky steps) around the object they are holding to.

2. They are in size 3 diapers and wear 6-12 clothes. I have put them in both 9 Month and 12 Month Carter's and they both fit. 12 month is pretty baggy on both though.

3. They love to play with one another and both laughs when the other looks in their direction. Their playing, however, can get a bit rough as they learn that its not ok to use one another as an object to pull up on.

4. They both smile a lot and laugh alot. Their laughs are different though- Josh's is like a giggle and Emma's is like a snort and a laugh.

5. They are eating 32 oz per day, 2 solid meals and a snack with puffs. They can both drink out of a sippy but not well. They love water and watered down juice though.


Stats- Height 30" (95%) Weight 17lbs 10oz (25%)

1. She seems like the leader between her and Josh but she also seems more shy around other people.

2. She has a bit of a temper and if she wants out of her highchair or doesn't want in her car seat, she has a fit.

3. Her eyes are still a blue/brown/green mix. She has also gotten more hair and its a dark blonde but it has some gold flecks in it. Similar to my hair.

4. She just started to get her fourth tooth this morning


Stats- Height 31.5" (100%) Weight 20lbs 8oz (50%)

1. He is so goofy and is always grinning or trying to catch your eye to smile at you. He can laugh so hard that he has to try to catch his breath.

2. He loves to fake cough and loves it more when I cough and then he coughs back

3. He loves to steal toys from Emma and has no problem ripping them from her hands and then crawling away with them.

4. He still does not have much hair but the hair he has is darker than Emma's. His eyes are still a dark brown.

I can't believe that in 3 short months, Emma and Josh will be ONE YEAR OLD. Wow. Time is going fast but we are trying to enjoy every moment.

Have a good week!


The Lane Family said...

Once again I have to tell you that you just have the cutest kids!!!! I love hearing about their changes and seeing pictures.

I love the first picture it is so cute and it looks like he is giving his sister a hug....

Then the last one of him chewing the shoelace is darn cute as well!!

Just think in 3 short months you can say that you survived the first year with twins!!!

Alicea said...

They are just so darn cute. I still can't believe they are almost one!